Sunday, February 19, 2012

February 19, 2012 – Events

Dynamic Warm-ups

Play Stone Carries
333x191' (turns at 50')

Sled Drags

Atlas Stone Loads
No Tacky
240(18")x3 to 52"
290(18")x2 to 57"
324(20")x2 to 52"
350(20")x1 to 52"
Added Tacky
290(18")x1 to 57"/324(20")x1 to 52"/350(20")x1 to 52"/354(20")x1 to 52"/385(20")x1 to 44"
290(18")x1 to 57"/324(20")x1 to 52"/350(20")x1 to 52"/385(20")x1 to 52"/427(20")x1 to 44"

Comments: Felt achy waking up today. Plan today was to do an all out set on the husafell stone with light weight, followed by sled drags and stones. The Play Stone let me know it was in a feisty mood today by opening up the cut on my hand just getting it outside. I felt good and wasn't tired at all on my run but my bottom hand just wasn't holding on well today. I really wanted 200' but it was not to be. Stone took some of my right thumb with it as it came down. Blood pumping didn't make matters any easier. Nothing tape can't handle. Decided to do the mini sled rather than get the giant one out for today. I figured after last time where I was having friction issues and I wasn't going as heavy as I thought, the mini sled would work well. Quads just pumped up like crazy doing these. Felt breakfast coming back up and I tell you, Gatorade and waffles is not a good combo. I hit a wall with like a meter to go on the set with 645lbs. Up to that point, I was flying. Decided for the last set to really push it hard by doing a drop set. Sled was loaded to 345lbs, put the 250lbs sandbag on top and then had Wes (180lbs) sit on the sandbag. Quite surprised to get that moving. Fell down near the end and had to get back up to finish the course. Brutal, legs were dead. I didn't think I'd have anything left for stones. Joe had me do light stones for a few reps to at least get me used to the fatigue. Didn't bother taping up or anything. I started to feel good and decided I could go for some series work. Joe had me do the series I did the last time but didn't add the tire to the last platform so that one was quite low. I only had issues on the first stone as I didn't have good tacky. Training blend slid off like butter. I think we went with this series (Joe set it up, I didn't really know what it was) because of my leg fatigue, that I'm down a gear on series in training and that my right thumb was bandaged up. Well, it was easy so I decided to go for the planned series (sort of). I haven't hit the 427lbs stone in a series yet so if I got it, it would be a series PR for training. This was tough. Had some issues getting the 385lbs stone off the ground and then there was a bit of tacky under the 427lbs stone so it was sticking to the mat. My abs cramped up real bad picking that one up. Just exhausted after this workout.

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