Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 14, 2012 - Overhead

I had been concerned the day before that all of the bruises and cuts would make lifting difficult. My neck had other plans and decided to tense up on the right side as soon as I got up in the morning. Also fell on my rear missing a chair at work. Just wasn’t a good day. Chiro and massage after work helped a little bit but not much.

Dynamic Warm-ups

12” Log Clean and Push Presses (1 clean)
265x5 PR+1 rep

12” Log Push Presses
275x3 PR+1 rep

Rope Cable Face Pulls

24 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: After the day I was having, I was not looking forward to this. Altered my warm-ups for the clean and press. Kind of jarring going with 50lbs jumps at the start. Didn’t feel so great pressing either. I was actually concerned that I would fall short of the PR goal for the session and had to fight myself from adding weight so that any reps over one would be a PR. Quite pleased I resisted and got the planned set of five. Rack stuff didn’t go so well. Mike wanted me to do two sets above the weight I had done for the clean and pressing. First set started out good but only got three reps, far short of goal rep range but still a rep PR for me. Second set the first rep flew up but I got out of position on the second rep and just blew it. Nothing left to get anymore reps. Tried again but only attempted a single as my upper body was toast. Did another set with lighter weight to get some reps in but even that was far below what I wanted. Just dead tired in the pressing muscles. Added a bit of weight to face pulls to make up for it. First two sets were easy (keeping my mind my neck was killing me) and the rest actually felt like work. Stretched and went home. Slathered Icy Hot on my neck and shoulder as well as took some anti-inflammatories. Finally started to relax around 10:30.

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