Sunday, September 30, 2012

September 30, 2012 – Event Training

Dynamic Warm-ups

16" Rack Pulls

Car Deadlifts (Setting 2)
Car+125x1 PR+25lbs
Car+150x1 PR+50lbs


Husafell Carries/Sled Drag Medleys
403x114'5" (turns at 50')/500x100'
403x90'4" (turns at 50')/500x100'

34 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Went to bed with a sore throat Friday and been miserable since then. Things went a bit smoother than the last time I trained car deadlift. I had help this time and setup took very little time. Did my warm-ups in the rack and got ready for the car. Kept it on setting 2 the whole time as I knew even just the empty car on setting 1 would be beyond me. Even the car on just setting 2 was tough and I was worried I was going to do even less than I did at the beginning of the month. Jerry hit the same weight easy and I knew I had to get it together. Can't fall apart at the slightest resistance. Threw a plate in the trunk and pulled again. Still tough. Threw another in there and I altered my position a little and it felt better. However, my batteries in the camera died and I couldn't review the video to see what was different or how it looked. Added some more weight and pulled again. Felt just as good. At this point, an elderly gentleman showed up and said he works for the local paper and just happened to see me lifting a car and wanted to know what I was doing. Long story short; Kim, Jerry and I explained we were training for strongman nationals. He wanted to talk a picture of me lifting the car again. I had just put in more weight and I wasn't sure if this attempt would go so the pressure was on. I got it and held it for a little so he could take the photo. Good thing he came then since I missed the next lift (but I did move it). Despite the improvements, I still might not be strong enough to get a rep at Nationals. From there, it took a while to set up the husafell stone. I did two picks to warm-up. Never felt comfortable and I think all of the pulls wore me out big time. My legs felt tired just 50' into my first run. The distances were sub par. The sled was setup on the gravel path as it was the only open place to do drags. First run was slightly downhill and the second run was slightly uphill. I couldn't really lean back on the drags as the gravel would slip. I had all kinds of issues with the final run. During the break between the first and second set, a horse and buggy stopped by to make a delivery of fresh horse manure right down the gravel path. I didn't notice this until I was walking over to do my second drag. I start the pull and it's going alright then I hit a rough patch. I try to get it going and fall right on my rear. Embarrassing. I get back up and just row it a good bit until I feel stable and try dragging it again. That's when I step in the horse poop. At this point, I just don't care and drag it to the finish line. I was also wearing a top hat for all of this. Cleaned up (both my shoes and the equipment) and drove home to stretch.

Friday, September 28, 2012

September 27, 2012 – Lower Body Training

Dynamic Warm-ups

Front Squats

Hanging Leg Raises

28 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Easy day and purposely so. What with maxing on Tuesday and maxing coming up on Sunday, it makes sense to just do some form stuff. Goal was to just work up in triples to 80% of my max on front squats. Super easy so I just kept adding 10lbs plates to make it interesting. Hanging leg raise set up was a bit different this time around since the power rack is shorter here. I had to grab the top to do them so my grip was fatiguing big time. Also didn't think it through well as once I secured the chain weight around my legs, I was still a good distance from the power rack and had to hop over to it. Stretched and called it a day.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

September 25, 2012 - Upper Body Training

Dynamic Warm-ups

Close Grip Barbell Bench Presses
375x0 (assisted)

Bigg Dogg Strongg Dumbbell Clean and Presses
25x1 R
25x1 L
45x1 R
45x1 L
85x1 R
85x1 L
105x1 R
105x1 L
125x1 R
125x1 L
145x1 R
145x1 L
165x1 R
165x1 L
180x1 R
180x1 L
195x0 R
195x0 L
195x0 R
195x0 L

Comments: Forgot my camera so no video for this workout. With Jenkins at WSM, there really wasn't anyone at his place to spot me for benching so I wasn't sure what to do. I remembered something I'd overheard why training on Sunday about how other guys used to train at several gyms all around town to get in all of there event training in a day since they lacked equipment. So I trained the bench press at the Y and dumbbell at Catalyst. My benching felt a little off (lower back feels weird) and while my lockout feels stronger than ever, off my chest feels like it is lacking. 355lbs went up with no issues but I wanted to attempt the PR. Hit my sticking point and it only took a nudge from the spotter to blast through it. Can't count it until it is all me. Drove across town to get in my dumbbell work. Everything felt good warming up until I switched to the actual dumbbell. The diameter of the handle just pried my right hand open in the racked position, stretching out my thumb. Really stinks to aggravate that place yet again. Meant to put 185lbs on the dumbbell instead of 180lbs but it is such a hassle getting on the collars and caps secured that I just went with it and hoped it was easy enough to make another attempt with more weight. Right side was a little tough but the left just flew up there. 195lbs was just too much at this time, but it is close. Almost an exact repeat of my first workout back from the Pro-Am, but with 20lbs more weight. I got a few more weeks to get it. I attempted the weight twice more so to get used to the weight on the clean and feeling it on my shoulder so I get an idea of how I need to move under it. My clean has improved a lot on these, used to have to prop it up on my knee first with this weight. Biceps were quite sore from all of this. It was way too late to stretch (gym closing) so I just went home and ate.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

September 23, 2012 – Event Training

Dynamic Warm-ups

Atlas Stone Loads to 58"
350x7 PR+7"

Truck Pushes (60 seconds rest)

26 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: I did not intend for today to be a long workout but it had to become one. With Jenkins at WSM, I can't train there after hours on the weekends and with everyone else either away or having to light of stones to train on, made for another drive down to the Edge 2.0 to train. I do dislike spending so much time in a car to train but I will do what I have to follow the programming. I will say that there were some good things about training today as I had plenty of help with keeping time, filming and reloading the stone. Also got to use the yoke setup for Nats rather than a platform. Good thing too as I forget how close I need to be to it when it is over a bar and not to a platform. Whacked the back of my head really good picking up the first stone haha. Broke in my new sleeves, would have liked them tighter but they worked perfectly. Goal for today was to hit a stone that I could get seven reps or more in under 60 seconds. Regardless of how long it took, I was going to get at least seven reps with the stone. I thought I might have chosen too heavy for my set until I started going. After the first rep, I attempted to readjust my glasses but stopped myself as I remembered I was covered in tacky. I got my seven and called it there. Very happy to get it under the 60 seconds mark. I see some spots where I can cut time and pick up a rep at least but this really brought my confidence back for stone loading (and strongman training). Helped out some before driving back home. About 2 hours later, it was time to finish the workout with the truck pushes. Warm up was just walking to the truck. Felt better than last time I did them. Getting used to them I think. Stretched a little bit to finish things up for the day.

Friday, September 21, 2012

September 20, 2012 – Lower Body Training

Been feeling down on myself and I need to stop. But it is hard. Had to schedule in an extra session with the chiropractor for my lower back as my overhead lifting shifted the L-1 again. Looks like I'll be switching back to jerks for my overhead lifting. It's been a long, weird experiment.

Dynamic Warm-ups

S-Cubed Bar Squats

GHR Situps
bw+40x50 PR+10 reps

27 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Well this was something. Learned that box squats don't help my squat for one thing (seem to help deadlift though). Haven't really been doing full range squats other than front squats or with lighter weight. Got to start some where I guess. I felt like a newborn foal coming out of the hole even warming up, felt awkward. Going to be using the s-cubed bar when I can as my choices are either unbendable or whippy for barbells. Despite all of that, the top double was very close to my 1rm from when I did full squats. Just not ready for 482lbs and I should have just went on to abs at the set before. Couldn't get the exact setup I had the last time for ghr situps (quite a bit tougher) and I also forgot how many I had done last time. I just kept going until I knew I had beat that number. Back felt a little better after the situps strangely enough. Quite a bit of leg and chest stretching after all of that.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 18, 2012 - Upper Body Training

Dynamic Warm-ups

Axle Push Presses

Axle Overhead Lockouts
357x0,0 (22 second hold at top)

Parallel Bar Dips
bwx43 PR+3 reps
bw+35x19 PR+10lbs

32 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Ugh. Axle is starting to piss me off. Everything after 152lbs felt heavy. Struggled to lockout 292lbs so called it there, especially since the straining to get the lift bothered my back. Added a bit too much weight for axle lockouts and couldn't press out my top set. I dipped under the bar after the two misses just so I could get the static hold in for the workout. Was pretty disgusted with myself at this point but pushed onward. Added a few reps to the bodyweight dip set and managed to match the weight set for reps with more weight. At least something is improving. Lots of stretching after this.

Monday, September 17, 2012

September 16, 2012 – Event Training

Dynamic Warm-ups

Death Medleys (Sandbag/Keg/Duck Walk/Sled Drag) (turns at 50')

24 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: I knew this was not going to be any fun. Even the event as is on the entry form looks like no fun, let alone doubling the distances. Took quite a bit of time just getting everything setup for each of the runs. I was originally going to do it for straight shots of 100' outside but after getting a nice red coating yesterday, I felt it best to stay inside and go for 50' with turns to get the full distances. Duck walk was just awful and I knew I was in trouble with just the light set. Got big bruises on my legs from it now. Took forever but I finished all three sets. So dead.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

September 13, 2012 – Lower Body Training

Been a bit distracted the past few days. I was at the York Fair all day yesterday helping out with Pennsylvania's Strongest Man. Got a wicked sunburn. Tested out both the women's and men's truck pull to make sure the course was doable. My lower back hasn't been working as well since I picked up those 397lbs farmer's handles for a double. My back loosened up enough for the chiropractor to get my L-1 to adjust back in to place so I'm feeling a lot better but still need to work on it some more.

Dynamic Warm-ups

S-Cubed Bar Sumo Deadlifts
Added Straps

Hanging Leg Raises
bwx40 PR+5 reps
33 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Hoping for big things today but not to be. I decided to use the s-cubed bar for pulls which probably wasn't the best thing for consistency sake as I've been basing my sumo pulls off of a deadlift bar and the last time I did them was with a regular (albeit flexible) barbell. Especially since the start is my issue with sumo and this bar has barely any flex. The markings are different too so my foot placement might have been off a little as well. All choices my fault. All of it felt tough. Tied my PR from last year but like I said, I was expecting more considering how much improvement I've seen in this style of pull this past year. Moved on to abs after that. Had to reset a couple times at the start to keep from swinging. Last half was really tough, abs were twitching the rest of the night.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 11, 2012 - Upper Body Training

Dynamic Warm-ups

Close Grip Barbell Incline Bench Presses
255x2 PR+5lbs

Bigg Dogg Strongg Dumbbell Clean and Presses
38x2 R
38x2 L
58x2 R
58x2 L
78x2 R
78x2 L
98x2 R
98x2 L
118x2 R
118x2 L
137x2 R
137x2 L
157x2 R
157x2 L
177x1,0 R
177x2 L
177x2 R PR+1 rep
157x2 L
157x2 R

25 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Still working on getting my lower back up to snuff. Incline didn't feel too bad but 255lbs was so ugly I felt I'd better leave it on a good note of a small PR and move on to circus dumbbell from there. Been doing singles the last two times so moving to doubles was an interesting change. Plan was to hit 5lbs more than last but double it instead of a single. I definitely feel like it takes a bit of work to get truly warmed up for dumbbell. Certainly feeling much better with it. First time training with it I was crushed by 177lbs and this time I crushed it. I only got a single the first attempt with my right arm and felt obligated to try for another single after my set with the left. I was not expecting it too be easier the second time but it was. I'm happy with the progress on dumbbell, may still be short come Nationals but it is a ton better than where I was coming out of the Pro-Am. Stretched and called it a day.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

September 09, 2012 – Event Training

Dynamic Warm-ups

Yoke with Sled (45lbs)

28 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Rained off and on this workout. Had to do a bit of cleaning up in the street to make a good path to walk. Storm from the previous day put a lot of debris down. Having a sled on yoke is odd, definitely makes it tougher, even with such light weight. I had a brain fart and thought I was using 90lbs more than I was. A big plus is that none of this hurt my upper back so very happy about that. I felt stable with 810lbs but I didn't anticipate how much the difficulty would increase going back as the slight slope made the friction of the sled a bit more challenging. Got stuck close to 50'.

Friday, September 7, 2012

September 06, 2012 – Lower Body Training

Dynamic Warm-ups

Front Squats
375x1 PR+10lbs
385x1 PR+20lbs

GHR Situps

29 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: I wasn't expecting much today. Front squats haven't been kind to me in the past and with how the past few workouts have gone, I've lowered my expectations accordingly (or appropriately I guess). Despite soreness and mental state, it went better than expected. Normal front squats are little weird after doing the strap and box versions (and harness versions before that). A plus was that my mid back thing didn't act up very much at all, so the feedback that it is getting better is a good sign. 365lbs felt like my limit for the day but I figured I'd add a little more. Much the same and I could have called it there too but I felt I had a little more still. I felt like I was going to be crushed as soon as I unracked the weight. Despite that, it felt much like the previous two singles. I felt I was rolling the dice a few too many times and called it there. Moved on to abs from there. Made a makeshift weight vest out of some chains. Quite unique feel to them since they kept moving. Called it at forty and stretched.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 04, 2012 - Upper Body Training

Dynamic Warm-ups

Axle Clean and Presses

Axle Overhead Lockouts
342x1 (22 second hold at top)


Parallel Bar Dips
bwx40 PR+8 reps

29 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Another frustrating day of overhead lifting. Felt a lot of latent soreness from car deadlifting. Warm-ups felt good and felt a little tough on the set with 252lbs. I thought 282lbs would be doable, then I missed the first clean. I got it on the second attempt and while the press was a little tough, I felt I had two more in me. Turns out I was wrong. Really angry at myself. I hate missing weights and being this far behind. From there, moved on to overhead lockouts with the axle. These were not originally part of the workout but they have been added in to help with my overhead. The platform wasn't as sturdy as I would have liked but I held the weight for a decent time. Next was a max rep set of pull-ups. I don't remember going over 12 reps on these since I was 80lbs lighter so possibly a PR. Might have had one more rep in me but it would have been super ugly. Moved on to dips from there. Arms and shoulders were a bit fatigued (last time I did only push pressing) so it was a struggle to beat my best from last time. The bodyweight set took it out of me and I had little left in the tank for the set with weight. Stretched and went home.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

September 02, 2012 – Event Training

Dynamic Warm-ups

16" Rack Pulls

Car Deadlifts
Setting 3
Setting 2
Setting 1 (15 seconds rest between each rep)

31 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Trained at Jerry's today. Only place I know that has a car deadlift frame and mine won't arrive until Tuesday. Turns out they weren't going to train at his place today due to the coming rain. Made setup a pain, especially getting my car onto the frame. Took about 40 minutes to get that squared away. I was told to warm-up on 16" rack pulls, making plate jumps. Wore straps the whole time to get used to them for the car pulls. I was sweating like mad too. 585lbs was a little slow and I was hoping this would be similar to the car empty. I was wrong. I couldn't budge it. I fairly certain this is setup for Nationals (albeit with a slightly lighter car) so not great intro to the car deadlift. I moved the handles out to the next setting and gave it a go. Double was tough but I figured I had some more in me. The next set looked smoother on film but it felt tough. Put a bit too much for the next one and only got a single. I tried for the second rep twice but nothing. This made the last set tricky as it was supposed to be 150lbs less than my top double. Since I hadn't even added that much to the car, I had to pull the handles all the way out. I left the plates in the trunk as I assumed it would be close to the ideal weight. None of these felt fun. The rest in-between the singles was odd. Made for a long set. After I put everything away, I drove home and stretched.