Sunday, February 5, 2012

February 05, 2012 – Events

And the hits keep coming. In this case, brain and ego hits. Continuing to tap the Ogallala Aquifer of strongman training knowledge that is The Jenkins. On top of the stuff previously discussed, the big ones are the emphasis on this being a sport. Ergo, no extraneous events. Pick a show and focus on those events. I'm most definitely guilty of letting my mind wander to bigger and better things and that has to stop. All training needs to be geared toward the show so each training cycle should be different. I've kind of been going by feel, trying to be well rounded and ready for any event. That has however left me a Jack of all Trades; master of none (except maybe stones). I had said last time that I was looking forward to the Plat Plus but the big problem is that it is only six weeks after Viking Fest. I've already committed to Viking Fest so the Plat Plus show is on the back burner. There is another one that is at the end of June that I'll aim for after Viking Fest.

Dynamic Warm-ups

18" Farmer's Picks
Added Straps
320x5 PR+2 reps
370x4 PR+3 reps

Sandbag Carries (turns at 50')

Atlas Stone Loads
No Tacky
240(18")x3 to 57"
290(18")x1 to 57"
Added Tacky
290(18")x1 to 57"/324(20")x1 to 52"/350(20")x1 to 52"/354(20")x1 to 52"/385(20")x1 to 52"
290(18")x1 to 57"/324(20")x1 to 52"/350(20")x1 to 52"/354(20")x1 to 52"/385(20")x1 to 52"

Comments: Not bad. I was going to do moving events (before I talked with Jenkins) and elected to stick with contest specific training and went with farmer's picks. Figured sets of five would be good. Weight felt good. I felt like my condition has been off prepping for this contest (and from not doing much medley work since my injuries) so I took the sandbag for some carries. Really surprised with how poorly I did. Well under my PR on this. Tried giving the Shaw sleeves another shot but I just couldn't get them as tight as I wanted. They still felt loose. I'm done with them. Went back to taping up my arms and it felt so much better. Decided to go for some series work. This might be the best series I've done at the Stable. I try not to get amped when I train stone series or reps in training. Adrenaline tends to kick in pretty hard come contest time. Hopefully I can push it these next five weeks and really put on a good show at Viking Fest.

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