Wednesday, February 8, 2012

February 07, 2012 - Overhead

Dynamic Warm-ups

12” Log Clean and Push Presses (1 clean)
255x5 PR+5lbs

12” Log Push Presses
260x4 PR+8lbs

Rope Cable Face Pulls

27 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: First workout of the new training is on the books. I didn’t feel good until my last set of clean and presses to be honest. Biceps were cramping up but I expected that to happen since I haven’t done events the past two weeks. The plan for this workout was to see how it went but the three main things I wanted to see wanted to test was working with the hard belt on the clean, see how more volume would impact my pressing and also see if I could put up decent numbers from the rack after heavy clean and presses. I’m happy to see that I’ve gotten better at pressing with the log on my chest for an extended period of time. The belt is still going to be an issue. It gets in the way when I clean the log, making it tougher and slowing the movement down, but it allows for increased stability for the press. If this was a timed event for reps and a lighter weight, I’d not use the belt but this instance definitely calls for it. My set with 255lbs felt the best of the clean and presses. I felt good for maybe another rep. I screwed up on log work from the rack as I was supposed to do only two sets but misloaded the weight. Since I was supposed to be using more than the clean and press weight, I did another set. Finished up with easy face pulls and some stretching. This felt like a good start.

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