Friday, March 9, 2012

March 08, 2012 - Deadlift

Tuesday was not a good workout. I was told to not lift Wednesday and despite that, I had tried talking myself into lifting anyways. Luckily reason won the internal argument. Mind just too exhausted to push it. Really needed that day off to deload. Allergies, hard training, switching jobs, training new people to do my current job and pre contest jitters are stressful and I think that I’m taking it all fairly well.

Dynamic Warm-ups

18” Trap Bar Block Pulls (straps)
700x5 PR+20lbs
770x1 PR+10lbs

Safety Squat Bar Goodmornings
305x10 PR+2 reps


28 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: This workout was a bit of work to setup. I usually do my deadlift and squat days at the powerlifting gym, so I keep my lower body equipment there. Unfortunately for me, most of the income for the place is from personal training so the hours aren’t the best. By taking a day off, the days I’d lift deadlift and squat are now on days when they are closed. So I went the day before and borrowed my trap bar and a set of blocks for deadlift training at the Y. I had a bit of a warm up and cool down taking in the blocks and bar in from the parking lot to the gym. I prefer the setup at the powerlifting gym I use for block pulls but I made do with what was available. Really had to fight for that last set of five. Tried to get a double with 770lbs but just wasn’t happening today. Gms felt really good once I was warm. Much better than last week for sure. Upper body still feeling beat so I took really long rests for pull-ups.

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