Saturday, January 7, 2012

January 07, 2012 - Extra Workout

This has been an odd January so far. Yesterday night it was cold enough to freeze all the bottle of Gatorade in my car and today it was over 60. Hoping this fluctuating temperature doesn't screw with my allergies too bad.

Walking - 32 minutes

Band Face Pulls

Band Press Downs

Band Straight Arm Lat Pulls

Comments: Nice walk and easy band work. Always good to clear my head. Not too sure on what I'm doing for events other than my log work. I want to get in some tire tech work as well as light moving event stuff (yoke?) and maybe try the 427lbs stone without tacky. Nothing super hard as I plan on going balls heavy the following event day since I'm going down to Brute Strength Gym to train.

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