Sunday, January 1, 2012

December 30, 2011 - DE LB & December 31, 2011 - Events

Happy New Year! I spent about 12 hours over the past few days contemplating and finalizing my workouts.

Tuesday – ME LB
Main Lifts - Max Single followed by 90% heavy set
Week 1 – A type of Deadlift
Week 2 – A type of Block Pull
Week 3 – A type of Front Box Squat
Supplementary Lifts – 4-5x5-8
Wide Grip Romanian Deadlifts, Sumo Stiff-legged Deadlifts, SSB Goodmornings
Week 1 – 3x12
Week 2 – 4x8
Week 3 – 5x5
Accessory Lifts
Seated Cable Rows – 4×8-12

Thursday – ME UB
Main Lifts - Max Single followed by 90% heavy set
Week 1 – A type of Axle Push Press
Week 2 – A type of 12” Log Push Press
Week 3 – A type of Close Grip Bench Press
Supplementary Lifts – 4-5x5-8
Close Grip Barbell Bench Presses w/ Slingshot, Swiss Bar Floor Presses, Close Grip Axle Floor Presses
Week 1 – 3x12
Week 2 – 4x8
Week 3 – 5x5
Accessory Lifts
Seated Overhead Cable Triceps – 4x8-12

Friday – DE LB
Main Lifts – 18” Front Box Squats – 10x2
Week 1 – 57.5% w/ IW#3’s
Week 2 – 60% w/ IW#3’s
Week 3 – 62.5% w/ IW#3’s
Week 4 – 65% w/ 65lbs of Chains
Week 5 – 67.5% w/ 65lbs of Chains
Week 6 – 70% w/ 65lbs of Chains
Accessory Lifts
Hammer Strength Uni-Lateral Leg Presses – 4x8-12
Modified Glute Ham Raises – 4×8-12

Sunday or Saturday – Events
Whatever, usually 3-5 exercises

I've finally decided to go all in with the front box squats.

December 30, 2011 - DE LB

Dynamic Warm-ups

18” Box Front Squats w/IW#3's
No Bands
Add Bands (+95lbs)

Hammer Strength Uni-Lateral Leg Presses
575x12 PR+10lbs

Modified Glute Ham Raises
bw+80x7 PR+5lbs

37 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: My back was a little sore from the crap spot from Wednesday. Tried out front box squats with my oly shoes and things felt good until I added weight to the bar haha. Just felt like death on my chest. First work set I banged the first rep right into the uprights. Not a good way to start a workout. I was determined to stick with it and push on through for ten sets. About half way through I felt warmed up and it was somewhat easy. Finally got all the reps on leg press. It's about time. Glute hams started out good but as always when I change the jumps between sets and increase the final weight, the last set was a bear. Only got seven tough reps. Stretched and then got to bed late.

December 31, 2011 – Events

Dynamic Warm-ups

12" Log Clean and Push Presses (one clean)
265x4 PR+13lbs

Side Handle Car Deadlifts (Facing Car)
20" Pick
Mini Coopx1 at 15" out
18" Pick
Mini Coopx1 at 15" out
Mini Coopx1 at 12" out
Mini Coopx1 at 9" out
Mini Coopx1 at 6" out
Mini Coopx1 at 3" out
Mini Coopx1
Mini Coop+Co Cox1

IFSA Shield Carry (Turns at 45')

Comments: Going to bed late the night before was a bad idea when I had to get up to drive down to train in VA the next day. I arrived about an hour later than the 12:00 start time. My two main things for today were to do my log pressing and to try out car deadlifting while facing a car. After, that, whatever. Anything besides stones. Log was much better than last week. I'm very happy to see it improving workout to workout. Next was car deadlifting while facing the car. Never done this before and since I don't have a car deadlift setup that I can use where I live, this was to be a test and workout. I wanted to see how it felt. If it was similar to a frame pick, then I could easily train for it at home. If not, then I need to schedule in more sessions in VA. Now the contest I'm training for is notoriously heavy so I had no illusions of repping the contest weight so I just went for a heavy single. I know the setup is an 18" pick with a heavier model car plus 400lbs on a loading pin midway between so I tried my best to mimic it. We had the front of the car facing me to get as much of the car weight on the frame as possible. I tried it out at the normal setup for the apparatus we have to see how it felt. Not bad but I immediately knew this was not something I could mimic with a frame. If anything, it feels a lot like tire flipping. I then used a 100lbs plate to stand on to make it the contest height. From there, I moved in the handles 3" each time I got it. Made it the weight in hand heavier, increased the time under tension and removed some flex out of the frame. Did this until the handles were all the way in to the frame and I was right up against the car. I then added Co Co to the hood of the car for one final gut buster of a lift. That was the goal. I was pretty beat after that so I decided to just do one all out walk with the IFSA Shield. I set it up so that I had to make turns at 45' unlike the last time I did it. I got it up to my arms in one attempt this time and started my walk. I matched my PR from last time but like I said, that was with only one turn and this was three turns and at the end of the day.

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