Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 13, 2014 – Week 17, Day 1

Getting close so nerves are getting to me. Generally physically symptoms hit first and early. Then realization. Shoulders have been stiff for a few days now just thinking about it. Can't say the passion is dimming if I still care this much.

Dynamic Warm-ups

Axle Clean & Jerks (clean every rep)
290x3 PR+5lbs & 1 rep
310x2 PR+1 rep

Axle Chest Supports
370x48 seconds
390x43 seconds
410x48 seconds
430x46 seconds

29 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Beyond nervous going in to this one. Actively trying to avoid any activity that would make my shoulders fatigued. Warmed up a bit heavier than usually and went up to what I felt comfortable without a hard belt. I was expecting easy time with 290lbs but I was wrong. I missed the first clean and it was like the wind was knocked out me both physically and mentally. Almost went into a cold sweat and had to fight the thoughts in my head telling me to pack it in and go home. I'm proud of myself for getting myself back in the fight. Took a big rest and went after 310lbs. Before I started training for this show, my dad asked me if he thought I could at least double this weight by show time. My answer in the affirmative was what was needed to go ahead with this contest. I needed a double. I tried for a third but not enough there. I'm need to work on my clean as I feel comfortable with the weights I'm using when it comes to putting them overhead. For supports, I did the same workout as last time, starting at 370lbs and going up by 20lbs. Two more real workouts to go.

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