Saturday, May 10, 2014

May 10, 2014 – Week 16, Day 3

Dynamic Warm-ups

700x60' 13.10 seconds
725x60' 12.16 seconds

Prowler Pushes

32 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: I slept forever today. DOMS from the leg volume day still around. Same deal as the last yoke session, just longer distance and a shorter time limit for the runs. Unlike last time, my midsection wasn't cramping and sore from just breathing. I had an idea of what I could hit but again, there was uncertainty of how I felt with deadlifting last week and how many mistakes I made last time with yoke. Some things I worked on was cutting down on my pick-up shenanigans. The rocking back and forth under it is possibly keeping me from staying tight, even if it gives me cue to push up and forward. My yoke kind of has "ankles" so it will flex forward a bit as I pick it up. Need to review my records with this yoke versus other yokes but that is another day. The other big change was my hands. Wear my gloves and pulling the yoke together, rather than pushing it apart. I think these are good changes. Messed up my mental path, leading to a second pick with 600lbs. I think I slowed down with 700lbs and I was really peeved that I wasn't able to do it under 12 seconds. Not sure if I was worried about dropping it or my legs were sore but I knew that ending it there was unacceptable. Added a little more weight and went. Just over 12 seconds but probably one of my best yoke runs. The sky started to go dark so I really had to rush through the prowler stuff. I figured I'd just keep adding 50lbs a set and do 60' runs. Only rest was the time it took to turn the thing around and put the weights on. Sweating hard, lungs burning and legs twitching. Finished the prowler stuff just before the sky opened up.

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