Friday, May 2, 2014

May 01, 2014 – Week 15, Day 2

Dynamic Warm-ups

Safety Squat Bar Squats

Makeshift Glute Ham Raises (assisted)

Standing Cable Rope Abs

26 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Dealing with some aches and pains. Knees ache, right foot aches, left side of my lower back/hip area aches. Plan for the workout was to squats with the ssb. A limiter was put in place to only work up to 365lbs so that I would be fresher for deadlifts on Saturday. 365lbs is 50lbs under my best 5rm for SSB so far. Also my first time squatting in chucks. I think it is a good change. To make things interesting, I did the reps with just the rehband belt. Ghrs were a pain. I couldn't get the setup just like I had last time on my previous makeshift attempt and was just too painful on my knees. I had to think up something else. That something else was using the lat pulldown station, bumper plates, a swiss ball, and a wooden platform. I've used this before when I first tried doing ghrs. Ugly stuff here. By this point, my callus on my right hand was loose so I just tore it off. The skin appears to be healing nicely. With my hand ok, I went to doing pulldown abs. Last time I tried them my abs cramped up hard and they were sore for a week. Felt good this day and I was just short of my best by a single rep. If I reset, I think I could've pushed it a bit more.

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