Friday, May 9, 2014

May 08, 2014 – Week 16, Day 2

Dynamic Warm-ups

Angled Leg Presses
+350x15 (short rest)

Leg Extensions

Lying Leg Curls

Standing Cable Rope Abs

32 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Again the rep machine workout for the legs. No knee issues this time around but felt pressure in my left hamstring where it connects to my glute but that is probably hip and back related too. I elected to do plate jumps for the leg press to work up to a top set. I overestimated my abilities as +710 was definitely a max effort to get the set done. So I stripped most of the weights as fast as my slow blood filled legs would let me a plopped back in the pilot's seat and did another set for 15. Quads were smoked. Took quite a breather before forcing myself upstairs to continue the workout. After how much my quads were throbbing, I didn't want to do high reps on extensions so I just put it to the max and did sets of eight. No really knee pain here and the weight was pretty easy. Since I didn't max out the leg curl machine yet, I did sets of eight, adding 5lbs a set. Hard fought but got it. Legs were all weeble-wobble trying to master going down steps to finish the workout. Abs felt pretty good and finally got over 20 reps with this weight. Tons of stretching.

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