Monday, October 21, 2013

October 20, 2013 – Event Training

Dynamic Warm-ups

565x50' in 7.76 seconds
650x50' in 8.59 seconds
735x50' in 9.96 seconds

18" Pick Farmer's Walk
230x50' in 7.91 seconds
265x50' in 8.90 seconds
300x50' in 9.55 seconds

Atlas Stone Over Bar (52")

Comments: Never been to Colosseum Gym before and I also forgot how boring it can be driving over an hour to lift. I found the place easy enough and got to work. Yoke was first. It looked like the same model as the one at IronMill but I was told it was 20lbs lighter (230lbs empty). Got to tell ya, it is weird running down a hallway with weights. The slick floor might have slowed me down a little as my first set was quite slow compared to what I've done in the past. Had better runs with the heavier weights though. Farmer's were okay. I think that the speed pulls made the picks a bit slow. I was also worried about damaging the floor since the plates can cause more damage than the yoke when dropped (the roads by my house to can attest to that haha). In either case, my times were about half a second slower than my bests. Nothing over 10 seconds so still good. Moved on to atlas stones from there. I wasn't sure what they had as far as stones until I got there and I pretty much just had a vague idea of what I was going to do. Andy had told me before I went that they had a 440lbs stone so that was definitely in my head. The setup was stone over a bar on a banged up yoke with rebound mats to bring the stone back. I measured the cross bar at the lowest point and it was exactly 52". Possibly the same setup for the contest. Used tape as no one else there to help with putting on the sleeves and I used no tacky to start. I tested out the rebound mats and the second rep with the 250lbs stone was too explosive and it was launched back at me, knocking me over like bowling pin. Nice, bloody gash on my left shin now haha. Roll back was inconsistent for reps so I figured I'd just go heavy. Did 350lbs no tack and put some on for the bigger diameter stones. 405lbs was easy so I figured why not break in the 440lbs; it looked unused. Got the first one pretty easy and decided why not and did another. Lapping it was tough but the load was easy. Gun to the head, I think I had another. Cleaned up and drove home for recovery burritos and first-aid stuff.

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