Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 17, 2012 – Lower Body Training

Dynamic Warm-ups

16" Rack Pulls
Added Straps

Atlas Stone Loads to 58"

25 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Trained at Jenkins' place today. Haven't been doing rack pulls much, mostly block pullls as they feel natural. I was worried how it would go as I wasn't feeling like I was on warming up. Lower back felt fine but the left side of my mid-back was acting up, even on the light weights. Really felt like I had to strain to move the weights but video suggests otherwise. Never really went for a max effort at this height pull but I hit what I was hoping for for the last set. Really had to get amped up for that set. I knew I could get another rep after the first. Maybe had an ugly, hitched and ramped third rep in me if I was going for triples. Took a bit of time to put the plates away and get ready for stones. I haven't touched stones since March and I knew I'd be rusty. Jenkins let me use his Spartan Stone Sleeves (just too hot and humid to keep tape on my arms) and they worked well. May need to buy a pair shortly. Did five warm-up singles with the smallest stone before going for the max rep set. Supposed to be a one minute time limit but I had to deload the stone to a side platform and then to a horse mat before bringing it back to where I was lifting. I felt stupid when my grip slipped on my first pick. Got my head in to it and went to work. Picks and laps where super easy, just not used to the crushing weight on my sternum from stones. Weight felt easy but my conditioning isn't back yet. Not quite in record stone lifting shape. I also never had a chance to use this height platform for rep sets where I used to train so this was interesting. Very close on the eighth rep, hips and glutes just done by this point, especially after the rack pulls. Talked with Jenkins quite a bit during training, good seeing him again. Little bit of stretching and done.

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