Sunday, April 27, 2014

April 26, 2014 – Week 14, Day 3

Dynamic Warm-ups

15" Pick Farmer's Walk/Keg Carry Medleys
345x51'4"/240x120' (right hand tore open)

Prowler Pushes

35 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: I didn't want to train today and I was looking for every excuse to sleep in and delay the inevitable. Hamstrings, glutes and back were incredibly sore from Thursdays squats and dumbbell work. Spent a good 2 hours talking myself into going out to Ironmill to train. I was thinking about how many weights I'd need to carry outside, the chance that rain would ruin stuff and a bunch of other minutiae that was just me being a coward to fatigue. I think the turning point was seeing that I just needed to do one all out set of prowler as opposed to five like last time and the fact that I'd need to sweep the whole street since the heavy rain from Friday night brought in many gravel treasures. This was going to be a tough one as even the picks to warm-up felt heavy. I felt slow and the video backs this up as my times on the farmer's were any where from 1 second to 3 seconds slower. I started light than last time so I could make 20lbs jumps and hit a big PR. It was not to be as my right hand tore open just a little under 9' from the end. I tried to repick it but no go. I was supposed to do a hold at the end like last time but it happens so I finished the keg portion of the medley. It was after that that I noticed my right hand felt wet and I looked down to see that a I had a flap of skin the size of a quarter hanging loose under my middle finger. I guess blood would make it hard to hold on the handle haha. Spent a lot of time cleaning it out and having to make due with tape and paper towels to bandage up everything until I could get home to properly repair my hand. But I wasn't done as I had one last thing to do with the prowler. I loaded it up with the 100's and a pair of 45's and just pushed. It was heavy and the start was quite rough. Just shy of 60' on this. Tons of stretching to end this. As for the hand tear, I had a choice between cut it or glue it. I didn't feel comfortable cutting it with the tiny scissors in my left hand so I went the super glue route. That was a mess but I got the skin secured. I was beat, ate burritos and sleep for 12 hours. Training is coming to an end.

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