Saturday, April 12, 2014

April 12, 2014 – Week 12, Day 3

Dynamic Warm-ups

825x40' 12.37 seconds
850x40' 17.13 seconds (one drop)

Prowler Pushes

38 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Stayed home for this training session. I figure my yoke is going to be harder than most I'll do in a contest. I knew that I was going to be having issues as my midsection was still feeling all kinds of suck from Tuesday still. Thursday didn't help haha. Goal was to work up to a heavy run for 40' but keep it under 15 seconds. Working things a little different by only doing a few warm-up runs and then doing the rest of it as picks until getting to the weight I want. Not sure how I like it but it probably would work better for contests as there isn't really time to do a lot of warming up on the yoke. I felt the best on my run with 485lbs and my pick with 725lbs. They felt perfect in execution. My heavy runs suffered from floppy midsection as my legs felt strong but I felt my core was wobbling a ton. 825lbs was not a good run even though I got under 15 seconds as I doubt I could have gone any further as I just about passed out after dropping it. Held my breath trying to stay stable. Rookie mistake and stupid as this is what I did back at Maryland's Strongest Man last year. I was about 3 seconds under the max time so I figured I'd go up a little more and give it another shot and hopefully not suck. I lost my balance and the yoke went too far forward and I had to drop it. It was at the 10 second mark when I dropped it and if I had stayed the course, I think it would have been under 15 seconds too. Nobody died so all is good. Swept the street and did longer prowler pushes, working on quick feet and sprinting, rather than the slow grind to hell like last week. Tons of stretching. I can only hope to improve.

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