Saturday, April 19, 2014

April 19, 2014 – Week 13, Day 3

Dynamic Warm-ups

15" Rack Pulls
Add Straps
520x5 PR+20lbs
555x5 PR+55lbs

Keg Carries

Comments: I think I'm getting my deadlift groove back. Used the bent bar with no knurling. I did a few warm-ups and then put on straps as soon as I started my work sets. I knew I'd be taxing my grip later and it would hopefully make the rack pulls more consistent. Last time I did these, I took 50lbs jumps and felt like death after 500x5 and hit a wall with 550x3. This time went much better with 40lbs jumps (then 35lbs near the end). I also played around with belt positioning and that also seem to be a positive as well. The switch to every other week seems to be doing me some good as well as not having weekly chiro sessions. Working on keg carries too. Legs were not bending as I'd like due to soreness from glute ham raises. It was to be expected, I'm surprised it didn't hamper my rack pulls. I was going to do a 60' course but I figured I'd go big. First run of 90' was easy and 180' was work. I was going to do 270' for a third and then go for max on my fourth but had to speed things up for family plans. So set three became the death set. Three legs in and I was tired in my upperbody and I couldn't keep the keg off my legs. I still managed to get four lengths and a little bit. Last set was just a little fun with putting the keg away. No time to stretch.

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