Saturday, March 15, 2014

March 15, 2014 – Week 8, Day 3

Dynamic Warm-ups

Yoke/55 Gallon Oil Drum Medley

55 Gallon Oil Drum Lifts

34 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: I'm almost definitely competing at the Shreveport Pro/Am in May so some modifications to training will be happening. I woke up earlier than I usually have been for weekends in case I felt like traveling for event training. I didn't. I figured I'd rather stay home and do events here. I just wanted to see how yoke would feel and hoping to go for at 750lbs for the last set. I was concerned yoke would bother my back and also that I would be too exhausted to then carry the oil drum. I threw what I thought was another 50lbs bag of sand wrapped in a black trash bag into the drum (more on that later) to get what I thought was 235lbs. Other than a little soreness, I felt fine one yoke, just a little slow. I wore my gorilla grip gloves to protect my fingers when I gripped the oil drum and carried it out from like a keg. This part was no fun. Went surprisingly well. Next was supposed to be stones of some kind. I don't have stones at home and I didn't feel like getting tackied up for an event that won't be tested. I decided to see how much I could lift in my oil drum. Keep in mind I was under the assumption I had 235lbs in it. The most I've lifted before today was 255lbs as the sides are slick and the diameter is large. Just singles here. As the weight increased, I had to get it just right or it wasn't coming up. Harsh treatment lead to bruises and dents. After I finished up, I looked in the drum and saw that the 50lbs bag of sand I threw in was actually a partially used 80lbs bag of cement. So everything with the drum was about 25lbs heavier than I thought. Guess I lifted more than I thought today haha.

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