Saturday, March 8, 2014

March 08, 2014 – Week 7, Day 3

Dynamic Warm-ups

Add Straps

15" Pick Farmer's Walk/55 Gallon Oil Drum Medley

31 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Deadlift still getting me down. Trying to stay positive on it but it is hard. I seem to be having issues hitting over 500lbs for reps. With how easy 495lbs was moving, I was floored I couldn't do more than a single with 545lbs. Trying to stay positive. At least I didn't miss the weight, at least I didn't re-injure myself, this is more volume than I'm used to working up to a top set. Those are the things I tell myself so I don't just stop. Everything else is going up but I may need to have things adjusted. Deadlift is becoming something I hate, I'm treating it like it is something that will keep me from reaching my dream. Lowered my expectations for the oil drum. I was initially going to do 300lbs on farmer's and 235lbs for the oil drum but lost the wind in my sails with the deadlifting. I almost packed it in for the day. Got back on the bull and set out to do 255lbs and 185lbs. 275lbs sounded better so I went with that on farmer's. Slow but no issues with this. I knew what to expect when it came time for the oil drum. Losing an hour tonight so I'll be going to bed earlier.

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