Saturday, October 28, 2017

October 28, 2017 – Week 11, Day 3

5 Minutes Concept 2 Rower

Leaning Calf Raises

One Leg Leaning Calf Raises

Regular Box Touches (12” Box)

Sumo Box Touches (12” Box)

Squat Therapy (16” Box)

Hip Airplanes (supported)

Band Rows w/Biceps Stretch
MMBx20/20 seconds
MMBx20/20 seconds


I-Beam Frame Deadlifts
Farmer’s Handles (6”)
Farmer’s Handles (15”)
Frame (16”)
Added Straps
Frame (19”)
Frame (22”)

Stone of Steel Over Bar (57”)

Prowler Pushes
475x162’3” in 75 seconds


Comments: Last heavy workout. I wasn’t feeling that this would go so well with how achy my knees were on the previous workout. Got some eye twitching going on the past week or so haha. Right biceps still somewhat sore. Didn’t wrap it or wear the sleeve but still keeping an eye on that. But I felt good waking up today so I hoped that would mean good things. Out to Lancaster for training. Warmed up on the rower. Felt good. Calf work and box touches were pretty good. Squat therapy was good too. No real aching in my knees. Hip airplanes were good. Had some balance issues with my one side but stayed steady and got my reps with no do-overs. Band rows and stretching followed. Stretch was good, cautious with the band rows. First set felt better than the second. Then frame deadlifts. Warmed up with the farmer’s walk handles with connectors for a light set. Back of the handle grip and tried to move my feet forward a little bit more to be in line with my grip and get better hip drive. Original plan from a few weeks out had been to just do a moderately heavy single but the new plan for more frame work made this the heaviest session so far. Starting things off was singles up to 95%. First two singles were with the farmer’s walk setup before getting to a heavy enough weight for the I-beams. No knee aching and weight felt like it was moving reasonably well so I felt like I could hit my goals. Foot position I had to play around with as sometimes it felt like it made me off balance (too far forward). Last single from contest height was pretty tough but probably could do a tough double. Felt a little easier than 640lbs felt last time. Raised the frame up 3” more. Plan here was to beat my best single from last time anywhere from 10-20lbs. I really wanted that 20lbs. Going right for that weight wouldn’t be smart with how the form is a little different raised up so I took an in-between lift. That felt pretty heavy but it looked like it moved well. Don’t know if it moved “800lbs was going to happen” well but it was enough for me to go for broke. 800lbs was slow going but I got it. No pain. Then another 3” added. One more single with even more weight. I really wanted to do another 50lbs jump but I decided to just put plates on each side to get to 855lbs. It was a gamble as those other lifts were a lot of effort. If I got it, it would be the most weight I’ve lifted in a deadlift type fashion (not counting yoke). It was a short range of motion but it was definitely a long pull. That weight did not want to be lifted. Happy to get that weight up too. I took my time breaking down the frame and putting away weights. I wanted my lower back to recover some and I had to wait to use the stone of steel. Plan for this session was to work up to top single with no grip aids of any kind and then a top single with whatever on. Not max singles but still good. Conservative maxes (I swear I will get it right one day). My one training partner got 384lbs today so I had a goal to shoot for, though I was already entertaining 400lbs or so. I started light as usual with somewhat small jumps. Biceps didn’t like it if I ripped and gripped it or got too overzealous with extension using my arms. The more I did sets, the better I felt though. Got 300lbs with room to spare on the no grip assist single. Definitely good for a lot more just moderate increases each time. Then it was go time with the gloves and the tacky towel. Or so I thought. I put the weight at 364.5lbs and thought it was going to be easy. It was not. I messed up my extension and I brought it back down too soon and totally missed it. I then rolled it back and gave it another shot. Same result. Ok, now I’m pissed. I reset the setup and took a minute or so to collect my thoughts and came back and crushed it (I proceeded to give it two middle fingers). Confidence for more, not sure. I really didn’t want to leave things there. If Brian hadn’t lifted heavier that same day, I probably would have called it there. So I loaded up his weight and got that convincingly. Well lets go up another level. Over 400lbs. I should have this. Lower back was starting to feel the fatigue of the heavy frame deadlifts and the missed attempts from before. But I got it in my lap and extended. Good. Definitely more there. Getting close to maxing out this darn thing haha. Last thing for the day was max distance prowler push. Same as before, 75 seconds. Put a little more weight than last time. Just kept pushing. It was slow going and I hit spots where it almost stopped me twice. But I kept at it the whole time. Glutes and legs were beat from that. Home to stretch and then eat lots of beef tenderloin.

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