Wednesday, October 25, 2017

October 24, 2017 – Week 11, Day 1

5 Minutes Percor AMT

Leaning Calf Raises

One Leg Leaning Calf Raises

Regular Box Touches (12” Box)

Sumo Box Touches (12” Box)

Squat Therapy (16” Box)

Hip Airplanes (supported)

Band Rows w/Biceps Stretch
MMBx20/20 seconds
MMBx20/20 seconds


12” Log Clean and Push Presses
Clean and Jerks (one clean)

Chest Supported Rows

Band Resisted Push-ups
No Bands
Add Bands
Add Bands & Chains

Band Triceps Pressdowns


Comments: Last really heavy week. Been keeping an eye on the right biceps, wrapping in an ace bandage to keep warm and provide a little compression when I get home from work. Hoping it will help with recovery as things are not going to get easier. Plan for this session was heavy log and then somewhat lighter duty assistance work. Lower body was pretty beat from Saturday. Warmed up on the AMT. Heart rate peaked at 156bpm. Calf raise work after that. Pretty good here. Not having any super tight and difficult days like I have had on these sometimes. Box touches felt good both styles. Squat therapy was just so-so as my knees were bit achy. Hip airplanes were also good. Band rows felt good. Definitely needed the stretch for biceps this session. Push-ups to finish off the stuff before the weights. Felt really good. On to log work. I put on my copper infused compression sleeve for the rest of the workout then. Don’t want to take any chances this close. Same as last time in that the plan was to work up to a top single with 30lbs jumps. Aiming for push press so no hesitation with jerk or not to jerk. I picked the weight jumps so that I would hit 300lbs on my second to last attempt and then have the option if feeling good to go for 325lbs or 330lbs. Push press felt good today. I did change things up a little using metal plates as I wanted to see how these felt with denser concentration near the end of the log. My log is essentially hollow so I’m wanted to see if I could get it to feel like a denser log. The plates moving I think just made the clean tougher I think. 270lbs went up pretty good so I thought a PR may happen. Reality came back on 300lbs as I got pretty lighted headed after finishing the lift so I knew even attempting 315lbs would have been tough. But I gave it my best shot. I got it off my shoulders but couldn’t get past my sticking point. It will eventually happen, just not today. I haven’t missed any weights 310lbs and under since I first hit 300lbs so the consistency to hit that kind of weight any given session seems to be a good sign at least. So then on to the down set. 85% for 3-5 reps was the plan. Missed the top single I wanted so the most weight successfully lifted was what I based things off of. Ended up being the same weight as last time. Push press was much better compared to jerks. I however still suck with press away on log. I got three pretty easy reps but I got light headed on the third rep and put down the log. I wasn’t sure how many reps I did so I recleaned the log and did three more. Other than getting lightheaded and having to do another clean, pretty good. I feel sturdier on the push press but I got to get my breathing right. Then on to chest supported rows. Not a heavy session of rows per se as the plan was my 10rm as the top set but only doing sets of five. Keeping an eye on the biceps at the start of each set so that I started off well. Good, explosive reps was the name of the game here. Felt good on the upper back. I noticed that my blood blister on the left hand (darn farmer’s walk handles) had opened so that wasn’t fun. Then on to band push-ups . I had all my bands this time so warm-ups were just right. Heavier resistance for the working sets but only doing sets of five, even though I could do more. Three times as much chain weight. That felt weird haha. Finished up with band triceps work. Felt pretty good. Didn’t feel completely wrecked after this session. Would have been nice to get another log PR. Home to stretch and eat recovery burritos.

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