Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 30, 2016 – Week 5, Day 3

Dynamic Warm-ups

Farmer’s Walk

Tire Flips

24 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Deload event work. Was seriously contemplating just sleeping in and doing what I could here instead of driving out to train. I compromised and only slept in a little bit as I only needed to do some light stuff. Out to B.A. Athletics for farmer’s walk and tire flips. Not going for any land speed records so I altered the warm-up so that I was just be ready to walk with the working weight as opposed to sprinting with it. Toughest part with farmer’s walks is always the pick for me. Slow and steady with these. More grip work and my grip felt strong. Held them for a little bit at the end of the two runs so that I set them down gently. Then on to tire flips to end the day. Same light tire for 3x3. Really freaking easy now. Not rushing my setup as again, not speedy mcspeed time. After the break off the floor, it was all hip thrust/hump to knock it over. Didn’t even need my arms to finish the flips here. Could probably use my mind to flip this tire now haha. Didn’t need much in the way of stretching so it was back on the road. Probably spent more time driving then working out today. Home to relax. One more easy day and then back to the hard stuff.

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