Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 24, 2016 – Week 4, Day 4

Dynamic Warm-ups

Prowler Sprints
145x30’ in 2.51 seconds
145x30’ in 2.35 seconds
145x30’ in 2.30 seconds
145x30’ in 2.27 seconds

bwx30’ in 1.57 seconds
bwx30’ in 1.31 seconds
bwx30’ in 1.44 seconds
bwx30’ in 1.41 seconds
bwx30’ in 1.45 seconds

Prowler Sprints
65x60’ in 3.54 seconds
65x60’ in 3.41 seconds

bwx60’ in 3.02 seconds
bwx60’ in 3.08 seconds
bwx60’ in 3.07 seconds

Nordic Leg Curls (5 second negatives)

34 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Return of the Forrest Gump workout. I had planned to wake up earlier but my body had other plans. I needed the sleep. Lower back was somewhat stiff and I was worried that I may have a repeat of the day before with things feeling fast but not being as fast as I’d hoped. I wore my under armour tight shorts to see if it made a difference with how my hips feel. I got them originally for deadlifts (more I was forced to because my folks saw a video of my shorts hiked up really high to prevent bar friction for sumo pulls so those were needed) but I haven’t really had the opportunity to use them much as contests either have suite pulls or pulls were the bar isn’t getting stuck on the thighs. Might be something to wear additionally for say a contest or long event day. May need to test it out some more to see if this will keep my hips and lower back happy much like the rehband belt keeps my midsection happy. Did the goofy looking dynamic stuff to prep for the sprints. A set was added to the short prowler sprints and my first run was slow. I knew it was before I heard my time. Still faster than my fastest from the first two weeks but a lot slower than last week. I did manage to improve and hit times closer to what I was hitting the week before. Everything must have been perfect that one run last week. I did have to move the course down the street a bit as my neighbors dumped a bunch of branches in the street outside of their house. Then on to regular sprints. Another set added to last week. Again, huge decrease in my times. I was sarcastically telling myself that I’d hit 1.5 seconds and I ended up being under that for most of the sets. Longer distance prowler up next. Same sets but added teeny bit of weight. Despite the increase in weight, I improved my times here as well. No changes to the long sprints. Consistently good speed but couldn’t beat my best time that I set last week. So mostly good on the fastizing work. Workout finished up at the Y with the manual leg curls. I felt stronger on these but the fatigue definitely built up as I was struggling to slow the eccentric portion of the lift for the last two reps of the last set. Good bit of stretching (emphasizing the calves) to finish up this week.

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