Sunday, April 3, 2016

April 3, 2016 – Week 1, Day 4

Dynamic Warm-ups

Prowler Sprints
145x30’ in 2.81 seconds
145x30’ in 2.65 seconds
145x30’ in 2.99 seconds
145x30’ in 3.08 seconds

bwx30’ in 2.40 seconds
bwx30’ in 2.50 seconds
bwx30’ in 2.02 seconds

Prowler Sprints
55x60’ in 4.48 seconds
55x60’ in 4.29 seconds
55x60’ in 4.84 seconds

bwx60’ in 3.77 seconds
bwx60’ in 3.82 seconds

Nordic Leg Curls (5 second negatives)

39 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: One of the strangest workouts I’ve done. Speed training, working on getting fastified. I wasn’t sure how things would go as my back was still tight from the session before. Lots of pounding on the knees. Never tried sprints in training before as usually sprints were conditioning in high school for wrestling or volleyball. I feel this would have been something beneficial when I first started but can’t dwell on that now. Starting off with prowler sprints. I did some fast jogs up my driveway to help get ready for moving fast. Had my younger sister come to help me time these sprints. Moving fast I think. Hard to get up to max speed that quickly and really tough to slow down after I got past the finish haha. This was more so with regular sprints as I can’t let go of the excess weight at the end like with the prowler. My sprinting mechanics aren’t good (usually strongman running looks funny). I’m not sure what I did on the last run but it really went fast. Then back to prowler sprints with a lot less weight but for twice the distance. Definitely can build up speed with this distance. Again, hard to slowdown haha. Then regular sprints again. Trying to not slow down and not look awkward when sprinting. Then to the Y to finish up with hamstring work. My calves and hips were pretty darn tight after the sprints so it took some coaxing to get the leg curls done without cramping haha. I had to stretch a lot to get my legs and hips to stop being mad at me. Lower back still finicky so more Icy Hot and back massage.

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