Sunday, March 27, 2016

What's Next?

It's a pleasant surprise to qualify for Nationals so early in the year. So what is next for me? Lot of options opened up with qualifying. Regardless of what happens, I got a ticket to the big show. Options mulled around were competing in another local show or training for the PA or FL Pro/Ams. Even briefly looking at the Official Strongman Log and Deadlift invites. However, the best option after discussion with my strength coach would be going back to off season training as a good placing at Nationals has the highest probability of success (Amature Arnold Invite) and it will allow me to work on my weakness. My goals this year were to qualify for Nationals, qualify for Arnold and to hit lifetime max PRs on my overhead and deadlift. 31 weeks out as of this date haha. But seriously, I'm being well rounded but I need to up my game. This next cycle is going to be focusing on two things; power and hypertrophy. I'm not certain on the length of this cycle or if anything will be tested at the end. First half is light weight, short time under tension and moving fast. Contrast training, box jumps and sprints. Never done this kind of stuff before. I've done dynamic effort training under conjugate before but this a bit different haha. Ideally, I will improve speed and power while maintaining my increased bodyweight and then transition into a more hypertrophy based training to add on more muscle and size. Not sure how interesting the training will look on video but I will be doing my best to track my times on the moving events and sprints. The option is also left open for a local contest if I feel like it but. The next phase starts this week.

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