Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 29, 2014 – Week 6, Day 3 & August 30, 2014 – Week 6, Day 4

August 29, 2014 – Week 6, Day 3

Dynamic Warm-ups

Standing Overhead Barbell Lockouts (1" above head)
320x1 PR+5lbs
335x1 PR+20lbs

Incline Barbell Bench Presses
250x8 PR+5lbs

Seated Machine Shoulder Presses
+245x10 PR+5lbs

Super Set: Dumbbell Front Raises/Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Band Triceps Pushdowns (100 total)

31 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: This was an interesting one as I had to see if the triceps beating from Tuesday would make this a bear. The answer was not really. Now, I had planned to do chain pressing but in my haste, I grabbed the wrong bag and had my wrench and collars. Didn't want to chance driving back with construction and the holiday weekend starting so I went with lockouts. Video angle is not flattering to say the least but bar placement was about an inch above my head. Belted up after 285lbs and was surprised that the belt didn't make things go up as smoothly as I wanted. Wrist wraps fixed that (and perhaps some getting my mind right attitude helped) and 320lbs went up well. I figured I had to have 335lbs in me today and it was a struggle but up it went. I decided at this point to just aim for 5lbs increases on the next two lifts to be on the safe side. More ugly work on incline. I got distracted near the end of my second set as two bros came in and one called me a "douche" for leaving weights on the bar. They then harped on my form when they thought I was out of earshot. Life is too short to get mad at crap like that. Shoulder pressing went well too. Then on to the little stuff. Did super set for the shoulders; no rest between and the rest I took between sets was the time it took me to take a drink and walk down the hallway and back. Easy weight for the front raises but difficult stuff for the laterals. Might be good to keep it that way. Finished up with triceps band work. I thought this would be tougher. Same deal as the upper back stuff from Tuesday as far as rest. I need to up the band tension for next time.

August 30, 2014 – Week 6, Day 4

Dynamic Warm-ups

7-Second Runs

Sand Bag Carries (turns at 50')

33 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Went to bed late and woke up late. Week tries me out sometimes haha. I really rushed the beginning of this workout as I had been up for maybe an hour and a half before I started. I needed someone to keep time and I could only guarantee having someone to do that for about 30 minutes. Same deal as last time I did this but with some modifications. The first was that I was taking very little rest between sets so fatigue was a much greater factor this time through. Last time I was resting fully and I didn't have that luxury this week. The other was adjusting the time to 6.9 seconds instead of 7.0 seconds for the drop call. The thought here was that this would mean the distance I got would be done in under seven seconds and that it would be closer to the actual time limit due to reaction time. With these two new changes, it was going to be near impossible to match what I was doing 5 weeks ago. I felt good, slight bobble with 625lbs halfway through. I messed up with 665lbs and it makes me mad as I'm sure that I would have hit my target. Two things happened; My form broke down as I got near the end and I slipped on a gravel patch. I dropped the weight before the drop call. Live and learn. To finish up the day, I went with sand bag stuff. Needed to test the biceps more but not invite injury. I would have liked to have done some runs were I would go down and back, picking up the sand bag several time during the set but I figured it was not wise as that was were I would most likely incur injury. Max distance carries it was then. Purposely carrying it out front rather than locking my hands as I wanted to get a good upper back and arm workout. Trying to get the muscles that will help on the arm-over-arm a good session without getting hurt. I stopped after three runs as my performance was dropping considerably.

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