Sunday, August 17, 2014

August 15, 2014 – Week 4, Day 3

Another injury. A minor one but not sure how long I will be stopped from going full bore. I pulled my right biceps doing a heavy stone workout yesterday and it really stinks because of how easy the 415lbs stone went up the first rep. I don't think it is tendon related and is purely a muscle injury. I truly home it is a minor one as I'm not in pain and it feels like a really bad cramp if I do something that bothers it. I have full range of motion too. Never injured my biceps before, even though it is a common injury for this sport in general. I think a lot of factors went in to it and most are definitely things I had control of. I've been hitting rows hard twice a week, and events have been biceps intensive with axle cleans and front carries. I had a little bruising on that biceps from heavy dumbbell rows from two weeks ago. As for the training day itself, I was probably a little dehydrated and I was probably not warmed up enough. Could be a factor of not doing events prior to stones like in the past as kind of an intense warm-up to stones on top of the about 90lbs jump between attempts. Then again, I've done that in the past with no issues but with smaller jumps to warm-up. I'm doing what I can to help with the healing. My hope is to be able to lift Tuesday with a less optimistic goal of the following Tuesday. I still think I can hit what I need before the show even with losing a week. However, that could just be time for it to physically heal but there could be mental factors too that might take longer; similar to how it took time to be aggressive on stones after my hamstring tendon tear. Most likely going to have to drop rows for a while. Just going to have to wait and see.

Dynamic Warm-ups

Barbell Floor Presses
370x1 PR+5lbs
385x1 PR+20lbs

Parallel Bar Dips

Seated Machine Shoulder Presses
+240x10 PR+10lbs

One Arm Seated Rope Cable Rows
160x8/8 PR+10lbs

30 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Triceps still sore from Tuesday but I know that soreness doesn't mean weakness. Like box squats, aim was for a small increase initially and go for broke if I felt good. Wrists don't care for the grip, making the weights feel heavy when I'm moving them fast. I put wrist wraps on for 350lbs and it went up well enough but I felt a little off. I reviewed the video and saw that I didn't keep my body tight and lower the bar down to load the lats like usual. Caused the bar to drift towards my shoulders and face. I remember those cues and 370lbs went up fine; a little slow but everything felt right. I took a longer rest and got ready for a bigger PR. Weight felt heavy in hand but still took it for a ride. I stalled near lockout and had to tell the spotter to back off as I had it. Another break after that effort to think on what exercise to do next, as I was debating between dumbbell bench and dips. Dips it is. No issues with my shoulders on these (I apologize for the poor camera work on these haha) and I felt strong. Only issue I had was the last rep on the last set as the tight dip belt bounced up a little, causing my left leg to spasm a little. I know I've done heavier on dips for these kind of reps but I was lighter and I took rests during the set due to the weight swaying me off balance. It is a starting point. From there, on to the shoulder presses. These felt great and I think the smaller jumps work better here. Finished up with grip intensive one arm rows again.

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