Saturday, August 9, 2014

August 09, 2014 – Week 3, Day 3

Good idea to train at Ironmill as it was quite a bit more lively than training at home alone. My friend Magnus did 590lbs for four on deadlifts (I stuck a pair of 2.5lbs on there when he wasn't looking) while going still going through chemo. Insanity. Also had stretch limo pull up during my yoke runs and watched little kids play with in the tires and throw gravel at some dog crap.

Dynamic Warm-ups

800x40' 9.17 seconds
850x40' 9.03 seconds
900x40' 13.84 seconds

Keg Carry/Keg Load/H-Stone Carry Medleys
240x75'/240 to 60"/240x150' (turn at 75')
240x75'/240 to 60"/240x150' (turn at 75')
240x75'/240 to 60"/240x150' (turn at 75')
240x75'/240 to 60"/240x150' (turn at 75')

26 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Stayed up late and slept in before going to lift in the mid-afternoon. Went to train at Ironmill as the yoke they have is the same type that will be used at the show. I'm going to stick to my yoke for my speed workouts but my heavy stuff will be on the contest yoke so that I can make sure I get my timing and positioning right. Taking stuff that seemed to make sense and put that to what seems to work for me. Starting with the yoke runs light, then picks and then back to work sets. Last time, it was more or less hit picks and then do a work set. This felt off to me as holding the weight just isn't enough of a warm-up. So the one change was to do picks and do a pick with the weight I want to start my runs with. 800lbs is what I wanted to start with so that was my last pick. Goal was as long as I was under 15 seconds, I was golden. I got to say that without watching the video, I felt slow on warm-ups and the weight felt stupid heavy on my knees. I was thrilled with hitting 800lbs for under 10 seconds and added more weight get that in even a faster time, almost under 9 seconds. Felt pretty darn amped to be sure. Added another 50lbs and had at it. Quite a bit slower but still sub 15 seconds. I felt that was a good place to stop and save that for next time. Set up a touch medley for myself with the keg and h-stone. I was initially going to do 60' down and back for both but decided to have some fun and make it longer and put a load to 60" for the keg. This was tough and I did it three more times after that. Three double meat steak burritos to finish off a tough day.

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