Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August 05, 2014 – Week 3, Day 1

Not too sure what happened but my whole lower back cramped up on Monday morning and wouldn't dissipate. It rained on Sunday so I went to the gym to do some indoor cardio, just as walking, stationary bike and arm cycle. Nothing strenuous, but able to get a sweat going and raise my HR to triple digits. That's the only thing different that I did so not sure why the back decided to mutiny. Ended up taking quite a few anti-inflammatories and applying prescribed muscle rub to get my lumbar to chill out for a second. I feel loads better now but still making things unpleasant.

Dynamic Warm-ups

Deadlifts w/ AB's dbl
No Bands
Add Bands (+185lbs)
Add Straps

Sumo Stiff-legged Deadlifts (straps)

Power Squats

Hammer Strength Low Rows

31 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Even with the soreness, I went on with it. Back soreness felt better than the day before and I figured as long I don't make it worse, I should be golden. Took some time to get band deadlfits set up as I needed to procure a bar, and get the anchoring system right so that the weights don't attack me at lockout haha. My guessing was right on the money for the band tension at the top as it was what I was aiming for. Initial plan had been light band pulls with the deadlift bar but the deadlift bar was in use for "lots of sets" so I went with a regular bar and more band tension. Again, that whole symmetry issue with the workouts haha. Weening myself off the bendy deadlift bar is a good thing. No issue at the start but once I had to strap in, things got tough. With how hard 405lbs felt, I spent a lot of time fidgeting with my feet and the bar's closeness to my shins. Trying to apply lessons learned with the rack pulls while also engaging quads. Would have liked to have done more but it is a good place to start. Moved on to sumo stuff. Working up to heavy six reps on these. Again, no hard belt, working the hamstrings, glutes and abs. Followed that up with power squats. Knees a bit achy on that first set and I did similar jumps to leg pressing from last week. Aimed for just 10lbs more than the last time I did these and I feel I did better with more sets and greater weight. Another new row variation with the low row. I had a feeling it would be one I could go heavy on and I was right. Had to use bands to secure the plates for the last set. I'll either have to go to five plates a side or put 100lbs plates on for future sessions. Felt good to stretch out my legs and back. Hopefully my back will be back to normal shortly.


  1. Love the hammer strength low row. Just feels right for working the back.

    1. It felt good, will be interesting to see how it goes this cycle. Very much like yates row without the lower back stress.