Saturday, August 2, 2014

August 02, 2014 – Week 2, Day 3

Dynamic Warm-ups

Atlas Stone Loads
250x3 to 61"
290x1 to 61"
290x1 to 63"
290x1 to 65"
325x1 to 61"
325x1 to 63"
325x1 to 65"
250x0 to 73" (stupid)
250x1 to 73" (still stupid)

Sled Drags

33 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: I realizing that two event seem to be my limit for the weekends if I want to put it all into the events, especially with doing work in the gym. Pretty much doing my thing for stones. The workout I wanted to do last week. Goal was to hit high platforms and work on hip pop and extension. In the past, stones first would be a big no-no for sure. Just going to have to see how this pans out going into the show. It seems the workouts for events will be yoke and some kind of front carry (maybe arm-over-arm) and then stones and then sled work. On to stones. Haven't touched them in about nine months, that might be the longest break I've taken from stones. Tallest platform was 64" but had to use crash mats so that brought it down to 61". Still plenty high; 4" above what I usually do for high training and 9" above contest height. Warmed up with 250lbs and it was obvious that reps would be tricky with the crash mats and the dirty. Elected to do singles and just try to make it interesting. There were six sheets of plywood that I used to increase the height of the platform some more. Did a single at all three heights with the 290lbs stone and then ran it again with the 325lbs stone. Then I tried something stupid and threw a tire on top and tried to load the 250lbs stone to that. Ugly and stupid shenanigans. I did take a halfhearted shot at the 385lbs stone but half-measures wouldn't cut it today. I got plenty of time to get the ingredients together for my stone game but I want to be back to crushing big weights. Cleaned up as best I could before finishing up the day with sled drags. Just kept adding a pair of plates each set. Kind of surprised I got 685lbs, let alone 775lbs, moving on these. And I didn't have to resort to the hump drag row method so definitely good things for the lower body training.

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