Saturday, September 28, 2013

September 28, 2013 – Event Training

Dynamic Warm-ups

600x50' in 8.25 seconds
685x50' in 10.40 seconds
770x50' in 12.49 seconds

18" Pick Farmer's Walk
250x50' in 7.31 seconds
280x50' in 8.72 seconds
315x50' in 10.65 seconds

Car Deadlift Frame Hold (18" Pick)
Car+270x1 for 38.71 seconds
Car+300x1 for 35.97 seconds
Car+200x1 for 41.31 seconds

Comments: Felt a bit more organized coming in to this training session as I knew exactly what I wanted to hit. Again, concerned about my right knee but it seemed to take it fine. Lower back definitely not fully recovered from the rest of this week and my times on yoke were about a second slower than I would have liked. Farmer's went well though, moved fast on the two lighter sets and just slightly slower than my best with 310lbs a hand so progress in some sense. The big thing I wanted to test out was car deadlift holds with contest weight. Brought some blocks over to elevate the handles to the contest height. Like last time, it felt dead with just the car and I was worried this was going to be impossible. I tole myself I just needed to pull and it would go. I knew after the pick with 180lbs on the handles that 270lbs could definitely happen. I think I was more anxious about picking it up rather than holding it. I came very close to my time from last week from the low pick with 70lbs less. I was going to stop here and do a lighter set but thought why not more. Grip isn't the issue for me and 300lbs is nicer number. Slow pick up but I got it. Surprised to get close to the time I set with 270lbs. Hands were just fed up with what I was doing when I did a lighter set with 200lbs. Beat my time by about 1.5 seconds after all the other crap.

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