Saturday, September 21, 2013

September 21, 2013 – Event Training

Dynamic Warm-ups

555x50' in 7.21 seconds
640x50' in ??? seconds
725x50' in 9.82 seconds

18" Pick Farmer's Walk
240x50' in 7.54 seconds
270x50' in 8.50 seconds
300x50' in 9.11 seconds

Car Deadlift Frame Hold
Car+200x1 for 39.66 seconds

Atlas Stone Loads
220x3 to 50"
325x3 to 50"
415x3 to 50"

Comments: I got in some great training but kind of a crappy and exhausting day besides that. Won't get into that here. The goal was to get my usual yoke and farmer's work in and then hopefully get stones in as well. It was only me and another guy there when I arrived and he left before I did farmer's so I thought of a back up plan. For yoke, I was worried I was moving slow. Turns out I was wrong after comparing it to my times and seeing the video. I don't know what my time was with 640lbs as the camera just took two pictures instead of recording it. My last set was just under 10 seconds so quite pleased with that as it is close to a 2 second improvement with this kind of weight. Farmer's walk went well too. Longer handles allowed me to move a bit faster. These felt fast with my foot speed. Only thing is the pick as I feel like I'm really getting slowed down. Happy with getting 300lbs in just over 9 seconds. With no else there, I didn't feel comfortable doing stones so I dragged out the car deadlift frame. Not sure how low the pick will be for the contest so I'm going from 12". Rather than guess what I'm lifting, I put my car on it. I had used it in the past but never got close to the contest +270lbs in the handles. It felt like it would be a crappy session when the car by itself felt fused to the ground at my first attempt. Just my head messing with me as I got pretty easy after that. I did singles to see if it was a good weight for a hold. I know my weakness is just going to be getting the thing to lockout to do the hold. +180lbs was kind of tough to pick up but I knew I had a little more in me and I wanted to work my grip hard. Felt tougher than the setup I had about a month ago with the plates and tire and people. Held it for about 3 seconds longer. I'll take it. I tried doing a set with my fat gripz but that was just stupid. Some guys came by and I stuck around so I could do stones. When I finally got to lift, I just do two warm-up sets and then one heavy set with the 415lbs stone. I got three with some effort and screwed up a fourth by getting off balance in the lap. I just stopped it there. I'm rusty but I got the strength and that was my biggest concern. I'm just glad to be home to recover.

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