Sunday, April 29, 2012

April 29, 2012 – Events

I think I'm going back to my ME/DE split for the lower body. It seemed to be working better for me.

Dynamic Warm-ups

King Kong Dumbbell Clean and Presses
60x3/3 (one clean, 12" bell)
105x3/3 (one clean, 11" bell)
136x1 right
136x1 left
158x1 right
158x1 left
178x1 right PR+3lbs
178x0,0 left
178x1 left PR+3lbs

BiggDogg Strongg Yoke/Frame Medleys

BiggDogg Strongg Husafell Stone Carries (turns at 50')
320x238' 3"

Comments: Haven't been to the Capital area in a while. +2 hour drive to train is a bit annoying but Jerry had just done a contest the day before so I went to Barry's. He had been at the same contest and tore his bicep on the last event. Sucks. Started out with circus dumbbell work. CT is 200lbs for reps, I had to see where I was at now. The dumbbell Barry has is a monster; 14" diameter bells and a 3.5" thick handle. Incredibly awkward. I managed to get a little over the most I've done on a 14" bell. Tried 198lbs about 10 times each side. Had to change how I cleaned it up wasn't too close with my right, pretty close with my left. Got a lot of work ahead of me. Moved on to yoke/frame medleys. Warm-ups felt good, I think the roughly 200lbs jump in each implement was a bit of a shock though. Yoke was pretty horrid that first run, almost made the frame tough. Felt much better with how the second run went. Husafell took a bit of time since I had to scrounge around for stuff to put in it for more weight. Camera didn't catch my good run. Hopefully I can turn things around for May.

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