Sunday, April 15, 2012

April 15, 2012 – Events

Dynamic Warm-ups

BiggDogg Strongg Yoke/Frame Medleys
y-475x100' (drop at 50')

BiggDogg Strongg Husafell Stone Carries (turns at 50')
300x259' PR+12'
300x144' (hand slipped)

Comments: Today went fairly well. Just me and Jerry training today. Did what I had planned to do. Yoke felt awful just picking the empty implement but frame was just super easy. Hit the numbers I wanted for this week. Frame is kind of light for this contest so it gives me plenty of time to keep working on my deadlifting and yoke runs. Plan is to move up 50lbs on this medley every other week, work on just yoke the other weeks unless I'm feeling beat up. First run was up hill with yoke, down hill with frame. Down hill for the yoke and up hill for the frame on the second. I thought the husafell stone was empty when I went to pick it and move it outside. It was still loaded to what I had in there back in February. Quite pleased with my first run. Beat my PR from the ground by 42' and off of a platform by 12'. Second run my glove on my bottom hand bunched up and I couldn't hold on to it and it slipped out just short of 150'. Mistakes happen, just need to secure my gloves better next time.

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