Monday, December 26, 2011

December 26, 2011 - Extra Workout

I said I had my thoughts in order. It is still early but I need to keep open for Pro/Am shows this year. I should be fine going in to Viking Fest as it doesn't have much in the way of moving events like yoke or farmer's and the next plan show has them as rather light so I can focus on them as more of form work and not have to go much over 750lbs on yoke or 300lbs on farmer's walk. As far as goals for Viking Fest, I don't want to bomb any events. The car deadlift is obviously going to be the toughest to keep from bombing but I'll do what I can. For the max log, my best push press with a clean is 280lbs while my best with a jerk was 290lbs. I hope to beat both of those numbers but that could be tough as well since the log at Viking Fest will be larger in diameter than any log I have. Either way, I have my routine pinned down (for now). In prep for Viking Fest, I'm doing a 5/3/1 rep scheme on log press on my event day. As far as the ME exercise rotation, I'm attempting to prolong the time between variations as well as increase the amount of implement pressing and front squatting.

Walking - 32 minutes

Band Face Pulls

Band Press Downs

Band Straight Arm Lat Pulls

Comments: Kind of beat from yesterday. Took a different walk route as I dropped the log off at the gym and walked home. The cool air helps me relax and clear my head.

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