Monday, December 5, 2011

December 05, 2011 - Extra Workout

So much for making food and sleep a priority. I was up past 12 transcribing audio and couldn''t finish breakfast. Also have a bit of an eye twitch going on with my right eye. I don't feel stressed so not sure what gives.

Walking - 32 minutes

Band Face Pulls

Band Press Downs

Band Straight Arm Lat Pulls

Comments: Good, relaxing walk. Band stuff felt good too. I'm contemplating making adjustments to training (like dropping an exercise) or making my press day similar to my squat day in that it is more focused on 5rm (or 3rm) as opposed to 1rm. My head might be clearer in the morning. I will be returning to event training this Sunday, heading down to VA to hit stuff with the Edge 2.0 crew.

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