Saturday, July 15, 2017

July 15, 2017 – Week 7, Day 3

5 Minutes Concept 2 Rower

Leaning Calf Raises

One Leg Leaning Calf Raises

Regular Box Touches (12” Box)

Band Rows w/Biceps Stretch
MBx25/10 seconds

Sumo Box Touches (12” Box)

Band Rows w/Biceps Stretch
MBx25/10 seconds

Hip Airplanes (supported)

Car Deadlift Apparatus Deadlifts (12” pick height, front bar)
175 tire + 20x1
425 tirex1
650 tirex1
825 tirex1
825 tire + 50x1
825 tire + 100x1
Added Straps
825 tire + 150x1
825 tire + 200x2

Sandbag Rows

Sandbag Load to Height (58”)

Loading Medley (Keg/Keg/Stone of Steel, 48” bar height)
175x40’/150x40’/176x40 in 31.34 Seconds
250x40’/225x40’/249x40’ in 33.88 Seconds

Uphill Vehicle Push
2,693lbs + 1 person + 200lbs in trunkx210’3” in 60 seconds


Comments: Still some aches. As I mentioned last session, it feels like the ache has moved to a more tolerable spot. Out to train at Lancaster again. Was fully prepared for the humidity this time. I notices my neck and traps were still tight and sore. I didn’t realize how much so until later but it was annoying checking my mirrors for cars on the highway let’s say haha. Pretty empty this week but quite a few of the crew were competing this weekend. Warmed up on the concept rower. No aches doing this. Was hoping the upper back tightness would lessen up a little. Calf work after that. Felt alright. Was expecting it to be a little tougher than it was. Then into box touches, band rows and biceps stretch. No issues here other than my upper back being sore and tight. Hip airplanes were pretty good. No balancing issues this time. Then the event work, starting with car deadlift. Goal for the workout being to work up in singles to a top set of two for something that I could make look powerful and comfortable. I realized just how sore my upper back and traps were moving the frame out. Going to need to use some anti-inflammatories when I got home. After figuring out a formula for the car deadlift frame, I was able to make smarter and less redundant jumps in weight. Once I got to the most tire weight, I just added a pair of quarters to the handles each set after that. I put on straps earlier so that I could get used to them as far as putting them on the bar and getting them off as well as breathing with the belt while anchored in. Top set, I knew it was going to be tough with how the previous single felt. It was going to be more weight but probably not going to feel comfortable. But I had been thinking about trying this weight since I got this workout and I gave it my best effort. I started my pull and I felt like it wasn’t budging. Really slow until it got up just below my knee caps and then flew up. I went for the double and I felt like I was telling myself it was crazy/stupid. But it went up similar to the other rep. Gun to the head, I think another was there. This motion is so weird. Took a knee but not from feeling lightheaded, just the easiest way to get my air and undo the straps. Weight was about 547lbs in hands. Sandbag stuff to follow. No changes to the weights of the sandbag rows or the sandbag loads. Rows felt good (I was worried about the upper back) and no weights falling off this time. I had very little concerns with the loading like I had last time when I didn’t know if I could hold it with the sweat. Managed to do the reps in about 15 seconds faster than last time. A little more winded but I was going at a pretty good pace getting eight reps within a minute. Up next was another event with the idea of simulating contest conditions. I had not actually run this medley yet though I’ve carried the parts over the weeks for distance haha. Took my time setting things up as I was making sure I got things right. The actual event is 250lbs for all three implements but I only have access to one 250lbs keg and I figure the smaller “power keg” won’t be that awkward. First run was at 70% of the top set and I moved fast with the implements (not full speed) and was slow coming back to the next implement. The practice run with the lighter stuff helped me figured some things out. My shoe laces are too long as I accidentally grab them with the first keg. I will need to remember to tuck them into my shoes in the future. Breathing is going to be important with the sos. Felt light headed with it. I was anxious setting up the comp style run. Right side of my lower back was feeling sore. But I had to do this. Trying to go full tilt on the moving. Moving with the kegs, I felt like I wasn’t able to go full throttle but running back to the next one I felt I was. Staggered grip in the heat of the moment. Bar height for show is low enough that it isn’t really a concern. Got my breath right for the sos and made quick work of that. Really pleased with how much easier it felt compared to the light run. I will have to see next time with the parallel grip style of the kegs is worth it. Then the last thing for the week being the car push. Same as last time but with a heavier driver this time. Thankfully there were two people there so I could film it and have someone steer the car. Hard work. Managed to improve my distance a bit. Drove home and got the ibuprofen and lidocaine ready. Getting close.

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