Saturday, July 1, 2017

July 1, 2017 – Week 5, Day 3

5 Minutes Concept 2 Rower

Leaning Calf Raises

One Leg Leaning Calf Raises

Regular Box Touches (12” Box)

Band Rows w/Biceps Stretch
MBx25/10 seconds

Sumo Box Touches (12” Box)

Band Rows w/Biceps Stretch
MBx25/10 seconds

Hip Airplanes (supported)

Car Deadlift Apparatus Deadlifts (12” pick height, front bar)
175 tirex1
175 tire + 70x1
425 tirex1
425 tire + 70x1
650 tirex1
825 tirex1
825 tire + 90x1
Added Straps
825 tire + 180x3

Sandbag Rows

Sandbag Load to Height (58”)

Sandbag Bearhug Carry
250x283’10” PR+25’11”

Uphill Vehicle Push
2,693lbs + 1 person + 200lbs in trunkx196’0” in 60 seconds

Comments: SI area aching a little and some tenderness. Noticed it after the last workout. Very minor but I got to keep an eye on it. Out to train at Lancaster again. Not expecting to rain until the afternoon. Slept in a bit. While not beastly hot, I underestimated how humid it was. Warmed up on the concept rower. Pretty much drenched in sweat already by this point. Calf work after that. Felt tight but still good. Then into box touches, band rows and biceps stretch. Hip airplanes were alright. Had balance issues with injured side on one rep. Then the event work, starting with car deadlift. Goal for the workout being to work up in singles to a top set of three for something that I could make look powerful and comfortable. Just like last week but less reps and aim for heavier. Same warm-ups as last time up until I got to the second tire with weights. Instead of putting the smallest tire on top, I went up to the next size tire. I wanted more weight on the back end of the frame as there is a limit to the pins and I might as well get used to the bigger tires. Then added the smallest tire on top of that one. Once I got to that point, I took a big plate jump. Some aches in SI area and that lift was tougher than I would have liked. Sweat was dripping off my head and I had pools in my glasses. I wanted another pair of plates but that was looking really tough today. I was worried I wouldn’t get it off the ground. “Believer” by Imagine Dragons came on the sound system and I knew that this was going to be the most amped I’d be for this so it was now or never. The first rep was very slow, second felt better and third one was about the same as the first. Had to take a knee after that. Definitely not a comfortable triple. However, I have got rough calculation for weight in hand for this frame so I can figure out weight jumps and increases better next time. This was probably about 528lbs in hand. Two weeks ago was about 470lbs. I really didn’t want to do anything else after that with the mugginess. Sandbag rows for sets of fives after that. Only increased the weight for the last two sets. The weights fell off the first set after the fourth rep so I had to stop and put them back on. No issues with the other sets like that. The last set was good but the bag feels so large rowing it. Not that that is an issue for me. With how much I was sweating, I was truly dreading doing the sandbag loads to bar. I’ve done this exercise for a set of ten with this weight for three workouts already and even though I get better each time, I still dread it. I was worried it would slip and I’d miss reps and so on. None of that happened and this was the best I’ve done on it. Very casual with my pace, no rushing and I got the reps in about 30 seconds faster than last time I did it. More sandbag with the torturous max distance bearhug style carries. Two sets, trying to match distance of the first after a rest. I haven’t failed on that so far. Definitely a psychological thing having that set goal after the first run into the unknown. But I was feeling beat and the humidity and sweat made me doubtful I’d go very far today. I got better than I thought I would. I knew I had gone further than last time when I saw the intent in the parking lot from when I dropped the keg last week. I was even sweatier on the second run and I had to just keeping crushing it. For some reason, David Bowie’s “Moonage Daydream” was playing in my head during this run. End result was a good bit further than last time. Then the last thing for the week being the car push. Got the kinks out of it this time as I had someone timing and I got a harder course. I was worried that it would be too tough and I wouldn’t be able to get it moving. But it was just right; really tough to start and got harder at the end. Shorter distance but it was uphill the whole way with a steeper incline than I have at home. I had a little extra work after this as I parked my car in the lot and realized I had the 100lbs plates in the trunk so I had to carry those back to the gym. Stretched and then drove home to rest and decompress.

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