Saturday, February 14, 2015

February 13, 2015 – Test Day – Deadlift

Deadlift has given me more frustration than any other lift. Along with overhead lifting, deadlift makes up a big part of the static strength backbone in strongman. My best ever deadlift was 645lbs that I did in training near the end of 2011. Closest I got to that after that point had been 615lbs. I had injured my back shortly before Christmas of 2013 where I had missed a 585lbs deadlift a few weeks prior. In fact, the most weight I had been able to pull off the floor between then and now had been 545lbs. There was even a session where I missed 445lbs. The point is my deadlift was at the worst it has ever been since I started doing strongman in 2008. This needed to be fixed ASAP.

Dynamic Warm-ups

Added Straps

29 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: During this cycle, deadlift never really felt fast, always slow. I realize now that the squatting earlier in the week and prior to my usually pulling sets did a bit of pre-exhaustion fatigue as I felt my legs helping a lot, even in the warm-ups. I was anxious going into this workout. Most of the heavy lifting had been low block pulls and I’m usually better off the floor so I knew that 600lbs was there. My grip felt great and when 495lbs went up like it did, I figured I’d do 545lbs double overhand as well. Straps on for 585lbs and a bit slow as I can’t get the stretch reflex but it went up with authority. I was originally going to go for about 615lbs but it went up so well that I took a chance at 635lbs, just 10lbs under my PR. Just not there today but so close; bar stopped at the middle of my knee caps. Kicking myself now in hindsight as I know that 10lbs less would have come up. Stretched, did some foam rolling and inversion table for my back before heading home. I feel the deadlift is back on track and expect big things for 2015.

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