Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February 10, 2015 – Test Day – Log Press

Log stuff has been quite fickle for me. Prowess seems to go away so fast and progress is a battle of attrition. Going into this training cycle, I was hopeful to get back to form but 255lbs felt heavy as crap. I got to keep in mind that I was having issues lifting potted plants and my cat without pain two weeks before starting this training.

Dynamic Warm-ups

12” Log Jerks
315x1 PR+5lbs

26 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: I took my time today, taking longer rests than I usually do even on the warm-ups. Only thing on the agenda was lifting a heavy log. I think this kept my shoulders happy. Just kept going up by 20lbs. 280lbs was the point where I couldn’t get enough power to really dip under the log like I was on the lighter weights. Darn thing feels heavy on my chest but I told myself that my legs and triceps are stronger than before so just push it. 300lbs definitely was a slowdown and perhaps that would be it but I figured I could at least try and match my PR from 2010. Lo and behold, it went up much the same. My triceps are definitely stronger and I feel like they can grind for eternity now. A PR was mine; no way a couple of chips on the log was going to be any tougher than the previous rep. Maybe I was confident in my abilities again or maybe it was because of the hot chick with the delts and upper back doing depth push-ups but I knew I had the lift. Still feeling heavy but again it goes up and I grind to lockout. Finally breaking a max single PR on log. I’m feeling relief now but I know once the high wears off, I will realize this is a start and I need to do much better.

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