Sunday, November 27, 2011

November 23, 2011 – Deadlift

Got back late last night from Virginia, left Thursday morning. Felt good to get some sleep in my own comfy bed. Pretty much just food and hiking there. Monday I went to my chiro session and then Tuesday a deep tissue massage. I had been putting it off for a while as she was scheduled for rotary cuff surgery in January. I figured I'd wait until she was better as the time I went with someone else, I feel asleep it was so light. I had my own issues as I ruptured my hamstring in early January, then the torn oblique in late June and chiro sessions so this was the first time I had an opening. A lot of tightness in my shoulders and neck on the one side. She recommended I use a taller pillow to support my head. Any way, this left me with a perfect opportunity to be relaxed and to have another go at a new deadlift max on Wednesday. Everything lined up so I went for it.

Dynamic Warm-ups

Added Straps
645x1 PR+10lbs
585x3 PR+20lbs

Wide Grip Romanian Deadlifts
425x8 PR+20lbs

Seated Cable Rows (straps)
295x12 PR+5lbs

Cable Pulldowns (straps)

34 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Having spent eight days analyzing the last session, I had my thoughts together. The plan was to do the same weights to warm-up but aim for 640lbs. I also made the choice to put on my hard belt on sooner. It's kind of something I've been learning from my overhead pressing in that I need to do a few sets with it so I don't screw up my form. I can get away with anything when it comes to squats though. Last time I only did one single with the hard belt before going for my max. I belted up for 545lbs to get in the extra practice. I had it too tight last time which screwed me up big time. I will say I was a tad nervous as I wasn't feeling as good as last week. I just told myself that didn't mean anything, what mattered was results. I was going to do 640lbs for my last single but someone else needed the 2.5lbs plates (they were going for their opener) so I figured why not and made it 645lbs. I got as amped as I could and pulled. As it started moving, I had no doubt I was finishing the lift. Felt good to hit this weight after last week's mistakes and learn from them. I went a little heavier on the down set as it was easier to just go with 6 plates a side then go down in weight. Hit that for a tough triple to better my PR by 20lbs. Really pleased with how that went. The rest of the workout was just gravy at that point. Hit PR's on wide grip rdls and cable rows. Pulldowns were really tough. Last week I wasn't as fatigued by the time I did them so that could explain that. Tried to get eight reps on the last set but no good. I may switch to a different machine as this exercise is a bit rough on my shoulders. We will see. Ate some homemade deer bologna and went home to stretch.

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