Sunday, April 1, 2018

March 31, 2018 – Week 7, Day 3

5 Minutes Schwinn Airdyne Bike

Leaning Calf Raises

Sumo Box Touches (12” Box)

16” Box Squats

Regular Box Touches (12” Box)

Band Rows


Hip Airplanes (supported)

Biceps Stretches
20 Seconds
20 Seconds

12” Log Clean and Push Presses

Medley (Sandbag/Keg/Prowler)
200x60’/200x60’/275x60’ in 35.77 Seconds
300x60’/300x60’/375x60’ in 45.37 Seconds
300x60’/300x60’/375x60’ in 44.69 Seconds

Sled Drag


Comments: Got a bit more rest the Friday night so I wasn’t as tired Saturday morning. But still a bit slow going. Definitely achy. I brought my first aid kit just in case really not sure what to expect. Keeping the knee sleeve on for now. Warmed on the bike. This was not easy as it usually is. I think it was because I used a different bike. Might be an older model with slightly higher resistance. Calf raise work was good and easy. Sumo box touches my hamstrings were really, really tight but felt good. Box squats felt ok. I was expected some knee aches but not much really. Hips were tight. Might have been lower than usual but I didn’t bother checking the box height today. Regular box touches felt ok. Band rows were good and powerful feeling. Push-ups were good. No cramps this time haha. Hip airplanes were easy. No balance issues. But tight hips again. Stretched the biceps. Good. Felt a lot better than what I’ve been doing at the Y. Log clean and push presses on the menu for today. 20lbs jumps up to a top single. Trying to get the log tilted forward more so that I can get the clean feeling just right. Don’t want it too far down on my midsection as that will make it much harder to shoulder and press. Started on plates before switching to using bumper plates so I could do it from the floor. My lower back felt stiff just reaching down to put weights on the log so I wanted to make sure I was ready. My left quad cramped up going into a full squat. Good thing someone had “the stick” as I used that to get the cramp to go away. Not sure why that’s happening this week. Not sure why but the push presses out of the rack and the log clean and presses feel different with the press. Maybe I’m looking somewhere else on one versus the other? Plan being 280lbs. I really wouldn’t accept less than that. I felt off balance after the clean so I had to let the weight settle before pressing it. Felt tougher than I would’ve liked. But called it there. I got some more sessions to keep building. Medley work next. This time one light set and two sets at competition weight. Didn’t take as long to setup now that I knew what I was doing. This time with the sandbag, I wanted to try and do it without grabbing the top knot. I have a feeling the ones at the contest won’t have that. I did a regular pick up with the light sandbag and no issues so I went for it. I felt I was moving better with the implements this time as far as the sandbag and keg. Prowler felt tougher somehow. I think I made the lead chain longer for the handle and I’m not sure why that would effect things but it felt like it did. This run was about a second faster than last time so that was good. Competition weight was a different story. Did a pick with heavy sandbag (still using the one with lead shot duct taped to it) and that didn’t feel bad so I went with rowing it up style. I wanted to make sure my grip was secured on this before going. May not be able to do this at the contest but I will get another shot at this before the show to practice. Just getting used to this pick-up, don’t want to throw to many variables into this with my arm. Pickup was better on the sandbag but I just didn’t get it high enough and I didn’t want to stop so I had the sandbag in my fingers that run and was really surprised I kept it up to the end. Perfect opposite side switch on the keg and ready to go again. Drag with the prowler was tough. The side road goes uphill slightly the one way so that made it tougher. About 3 seconds slower than last time. Inside of my arms right below my elbows were bleeding a little from how forcefully I pull up the keg. I reset the course and took a bit of a breather so that I knew I was ready again. Going the other way this time which feels more natural. Everything felt better this run. Still about 2 seconds slower than last time. However that last time I didn’t do contest weight twice so might just be fatigue. Big bruise building up on my left lower biceps from the force of the keg hitting my arm on the pickup. No issues on anything other than being out of breath by the end of the drag portion. If the prowler is made back heavy like this, leaning back would be a terrible idea haha. Last thing for the day was a 100’ heavy sled drag. 20lbs more than last time I did this. Leaning back didn’t bother my knee at all so good to go here. Backup plan was prowler push runs like last time this came up. One of my training partners, Kristin, came outside when I was doing this. I was going to feel really stupid if I didn’t budge it now with an audience haha. I’m not sure how but I was able to really lean back and drive on this. I just kept staring at the sky as I was only able to make short choppy steps. I even hit a rough spot and just kept going but it was really slow. I finally got stuck and I looked down to see I had gotten 80’. I had thought I was at maybe 50’ at most. So just 20’ to go. Really tough to get it restarted so it was the body row until I got about 10’ away and then it started moving again. I shrugged it with everything I had and I finished but the weight refused to move beyond that and I feel on my butt. It was a controlled fall so I braced myself but I couldn’t stop it haha. Everyone helped me put all the weights away and then it was hope to stretch and eat with family.

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