Saturday, August 19, 2017

August 19, 2017 – Week 1, Day 3

5 Minutes Concept 2 Rower

Leaning Calf Raises

One Leg Leaning Calf Raises

Regular Box Touches (12” Box)

Sumo Box Touches (12” Box)

Squat Therapy (16” Box)

Hip Airplanes (supported)

Band Rows w/Biceps Stretch
MMBx20/20 seconds
MMBx20/20 seconds


Yoke (drops at 60’)
185x120’ in 16.86 seconds
300x60’ in 7.22 seconds
400x60’ in 7.87 seconds
500x60’ in 8.57 seconds
600x120’ in 23.53 seconds

Sandbag Rows

H-Stone Carry (off 24” box, turns at 60’)


Comments: First event workout of this cycle. Didn’t look so bad on paper but that was before I had started this week of training. It had been humid this week and I was to train in Lancaster so I packed a towel and three shirts to be on the safe side. Lower back was a little tense but I think it was just from sitting in the car as it went away as soon as I walked in the gym. It was humid and I was worrying that one towel wasn’t going to be enough haha. Warmed up on the rower. No issues with my arms or upper back. Calf work easy and the box touches for both styles were good. Squat therapy was the best it has been all week. Hip airplanes felt great and this was the best I felt them for the hips on the stronger side so far. Band rows and stretching followed. Easy and not nearly as much tightness in the shoulders. Set of push-ups to finish things up. Again, tougher than I would like but it will improve. First item of the day was yoke. Goal being to work up to a run of 120’ with a drop at 60’. Idea being to work the medley while not working the medley for now. I did the empty yoke for the distance and thought “oh screw this”. It felt further than 60’ each way haha. Working up sets went well with speed and how the weight felt on my back both feeling good. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect with the slight break and the planned top weight being the second to last weight I hit during last training cycle. I think my biggest worry was that I would mess up my breathing and drop yoke from blacking out. That did not happen. The yoke was sliding quite a bit on the straight runs so I had to anticipate things for the longer set with the drop. Yoke felt comfortable and I felt in control the whole time. Still need to add a bit of weight to this but it is a good start. Up next was sandbag rows. These seemed to help me last training cycle so good to see that they are hanging around. Plan was just to do two sets with a light set and a medium set. These ok. I ended up doing an extra set as I thought I had the 200lbs sandbag for that second set but it wasn’t. Too light to end on as after that first set, it felt easier than the light set did. This lead to the last thing for the session; h-stone carry. I’m generally pretty good at this one. I’ve placed second at the two shows this has been contested since I’ve been competing and I was 9th at Nationals in 2012. I feel this is a strong one for me but I wasn’t sure as I haven’t trained it seriously in about five years. Sweat was not my friend today. I ended up switching my shirt and wrapping athletic tape on my forearms to keep from slipping. I forgot how the tape can make hands swell if it is too tight. With this humidity, I’m probably going to have to use tape to keep the training sessions progressing. This was going to be the first time I’ve used receiver gloves and tape on this so it was going to be something. First set felt a little awkward at the pick as I like to adjust the thing sideways to get a staggered grip. Bottom hand is always the one to go first. Not bad. Next set with more weight was a bit tougher. I got about what I expected, surviving three turns and just shy of 200’. This is a good start here. If I can keep up the distance with the weight, this will be good. I may have to adjust things for next time as I believe the implement we will be using is shorter than the one I used today. Took my time putting weights away and stretching. Noticed I was bleeding from my leg from the h-stone. Just a nick, no issues there.

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