Saturday, January 28, 2017

January 28, 2017 – Week 7, Day 3

5 Minutes Percor AMT

Leaning Calf Raises

Sumo Box Touches (12” Box)

Squat Therapy (16” Box)

Regular Box Touches (12” Box)

16” Box Squats

Seated Dead Shoulder Presses (no back support)

Seated Dumbbell Hammer Curls

Triceps Pushdowns (v-bar)


Comments: Usually I sleep in the day. However, there was a family event this afternoon that was optional. I wanted to make that and I figured that when I’m back to full blown competition mode, I will have to get up early on Saturdays to make it the places to train the events and equipment I don’t have access to nearby. Still got SI joint issues. No worse than it has been the past two weeks but still present and I feel it is import to keep documenting it rather than ignore it as it should not be the new normal for me. I know recovery will have bumps in the road and that the nerve issues will take the longest as nerves repair about an inch per month (or so the doctor says). Tone still lacking in my glutes but I’m working on that when I do my walks on my off days. AMT again for warm-up. Heart rate up to 150bpm this time. It appears to have been accurate. Not sure why it jumped up so much last session. Calf raises were good but felt fatigue on the ten reps. Might be from getting up early to workout. I had noticed my strides weren’t as long on the warm-up until near the end. I’ve noticed the tone difference between the injured and uninjured side is better than it was at the start of this training cycle. Left hip ached a bit getting setup for the wide stance box touches. Doing them felt good though. Tight hamstrings but didn’t notice a discrepancy between my left and right so that is good. Squat therapy followed. Form has felt on point with these all this week. I was confident enough this time that I didn’t have to check the video immediately after I did to make sure it looked good. Regular stance box touches after that. I feel like I’m getting quite good at generating power in this stance on these. Box squats followed with what has been the same thing the other workouts this week. I think this was the best session with squats yet. I got to use the real power rack so maybe that had something to do with it. Upper body stuff for the second half of the workout. On the top set of every exercise, I had someone take my spot and take the weights away. Beyond frustrating. And it was different person each time. Just meant more rest I guess haha. Seated overhead dead presses up after that. Empty bar and adding weight each set to a good set of five. As previously done, no straining reps. I moved through the first few sets pretty quick and then slowed down my pace as I felt the reps get slower. I could have done more weight but the goal was a top set without straining and I wasn’t sure I could do that with the next increase in weight. Didn’t want a repeat of my ego from the very first week. Then hammer curls next. The warm-ups were spot on this time. Top set, I matched the reps from last time with more weight. Triceps were also much the same as how the biceps work went. More weight and one more rep. Home to stretch. Things are ramping up next week. Got to keep confidence high and ego in check.

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