Friday, January 27, 2017

January 26, 2017 – Week 7, Day 2

5 Minutes Percor AMT

Leaning Calf Raises

Sumo Box Touches (12” Box)

Squat Therapy (16” Box)

Regular Box Touches (12” Box)

16” Box Squats

Step Ups (18” Box)


45x10 (bar on bumper plates)


Crunches/Leg Raises


Comments: I was very concerned going into this workout. SI issues have been present this week and last. While it hasn’t gotten worse, some of the exercises for this day had me worried. Doing what I can with soft tissue work, stretching and massage to alleviate it. It seems to just come and go as it pleases. Started off with light cardio warm-up on the AMT. Heart rate read 166bpm but it dropped down to 156bpm within 5 seconds so I don’t know what was the right number this time haha. Calf raises were a little tougher than last session. I was feeling some tension in my lumbars. Wide box touches after that. Some achiness in my left hip and glute but no real issues. Squat therapy followed. Very similar to last session in keeping upright and having good mobility in the t-spine. No issues here. Regular box touches felt fine. Wasn’t have much tightness in the hamstrings by this point. Feeling a decent lower back pump by this point. Box squats after that. Felt fatigue in my quads on the first set but nothing on the following sets. Again, being very deliberate on the top set to make sure I’m treating it like I would a top set with big breath and bracing each rep. My lower back started to feel a little off after doing box squats and my anxiety started to rise but kept on it as the next two exercises were not lower back stressful and would help with getting more blood flow. No issues with step-ups, just getting a good sweat going with them. After the step-ups, I did a self-adjustment on my back and that seemed to get the weird feeling to go away but still watching carefully. Hyperextensions next. Same as it has been these last few weeks. I only went up a little bit this time in the weight as I wanted to try and get more reps this time. Also getting to the point where I will need to use multiple plates or something else for weight in the future. Hit what I wanted for reps this time and felt good. The last few sessions, it felt like I was rotated to the right a little but didn’t feel like it this time. Then deadlifts. These were the things I was worrying about since last week. One false move, one moment of relaxation or weakness and I could be back to square one. Granted, everything could be that moment (at least what I tell myself to calm anxiety). Warm-up with the bar was slow and deliberate, breaking each rep into a single almost to focus on setup, breathing, bracing and keeping an arch on both the concentric and eccentric. A good drill, I’d say it was tougher than some of the work sets haha. Then on to the pulls from the floor. None of my fears happened and I felt good with these. I may still need to work on the lowering of the weight but I felt this was better than the rack pulls from last week. The top weight wasn’t even that bad and I could have done more but stopped there as that was my goal. A lot of the stress went away with the completion of the deadlifts. A weight off my shoulders, for now. On to shrugs. More weight, same as it has been. Even with the increase, I matched what I did in reps from last time. I thought I would fall short for sure. Finished up with abdominal superset and then home to stretch and eat.

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