Thursday, January 12, 2017

January 12, 2017 – Week 5, Day 2

5 Minutes Cybex Arc Trainer

Leaning Calf Raises

Sumo Box Touches (12” Box)

Squat Therapy (16” Box)

Regular Box Touches (12” Box)

16” Box Squats

Step Ups (18” Box)


45x10 (bar on bumper plates)


Crunches/Leg Raises


Comments: Like last week, this day seems to be the most stressful. Work that is, not the actual workout. Just got to keep my head straight as things pass. Some SI joint issues and hamstring tenderness. Probably due to the temperature jumping up 20 degrees overnight. Even with good sleep the night before, I was feeling a little beat. Arc trainer again and feels good. Less stress on joints and more work for muscles. Heart rate read 153bpm but it went up to 163bpm. I may need to check it sooner to get an accurate reading. Calf raises were quite easy this time. Wide box touches were good for the lower back and hips. Felt a lot of tightness in my left leg on these and I think these helped calm that down a bit. Squat therapy followed. Again, working hard on all aspects of the squat. Don’t know if this was my best session on them but it was better than last session. No issues with regular style box touches, all tightness I was feeling left. Box squats with weight after that. I definitely noticed some fatigue in my posterior chain and legs on these. More reps with the first two sets before the heaviest lift. A little slower on the concentric than I would like. Step-ups next. Knee wasn’t as achy this time but I was sweating a good bit by the end. Lower back on the left side was a bit sore. Hyperextensions after that. Bodyweight set was pretty easy. Added some weight and went for broke on reps. Hamstrings were on fire by the end of the set with weight so I stopped. Finally deadlift time. Been gradually working to this point. Lightest bumper plates at the Y are 10kgs so first set was just the bar on bumper plates to about standard bar height. Those last few inches are noticeable haha. No pain just harder to get the tight arch and position from the past weeks with the rack pulls. The big test was using the bumper plates on the bar. Definitely doesn’t feel like nothing as the rack pulls have been but still good. Everything went well so I added the smallest amount I could for one more set of ten. Went about as well as the previous set. I know my form will need to be cleaned up some more but this is progress. Max reps set of shrugs again. A bit more taxing on the grip this time around but traps fatigued well beforehand and I stopped when I knew I’d have to use a lot of body English to move the weight. Superset of abs again. Did it nonstop. Leg raises part of it is so much tougher than the crunches. Home to stretch and eat three double meat recovery burritos. Really needed those today haha.

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