Sunday, November 13, 2016

Physical Therapy: Week 5

This week was only slightly better than last week. I'm to start back on the corticosteroids on Monday. I have no intention of getting another injection or surgery. Since the last session, the pain was calmed down a bit. A follow-up appointment with the current othro is set for 12/6/16. Maybe the drugs and therapy together will resolve this.

November 7, 2016

Pain has lessened slightly but still dealing with more than I had weeks ago. Heat and stim for a while and then I had to wait for the PT for about the same amount of time. PT checked to see where I was as far as standing, bending to see where pain was present. Checked hip mobility and that was fine. Ended up doing 30 press-ups, followed by pressing on the back and then 30 more press-ups. Some of the adjustments and hip holds done as well to try and relieve pain. 30 table taps, diaphragm breathing and then a breathing pullover type combo was done (20 reps each arm). Not really feeling the progress from the pain before the session. Stressed.

November 9, 2016

Pain has returned and cramping in my calf is making it harder to walk. Heat and stim for a while. Trying to make it clear that I’m not progressing but I am finding it very hard to keep my patience and be civil. A little paranoid. I know the PTs are getting frustrated with me as well. Ended up doing 30 press-ups of supposed 60 press-ups but was told to stop to see about my symptoms. Nerve gliding and trigger point on my hip flexors on the left to see if that did anything. Helped the hip pain but hamstring flared up in response. After some more nerve glides, walking across the room and back, I did 30 more press-ups. Sent home for the day so that I don’t get anything else to flare up. Also told to be patient about it and not to stress. Like that helps.

November 10, 2016

Pain was very much present until about 3hrs before I was to go for PT. Calf issue seems to lessening. Heat and stim for a while. Then laying in the prone position. While doing that, the PT asked me how I was doing. The recommendation is to see if I can go back to the ortho for a possible appointment to see about getting something done for pain management (steroids or injection). I’m not a fan of this as I’ve already had both done twice. They feel the treatment was working until the nerve flared up. I’d feel more comfortable if I knew what caused it. This lead into 30 press-ups, diaphragm breathing, the new theraband reverse pullover exercise for 20 each side. Then finished up with 20 glute bridge leg outs and 30 table taps. Last thing was about 15 minutes on the traction table. Unlike last time this was done, symptoms returned about 5 minutes later rather than hours later. Really not sure what to do from here. PT wants to continue sessions until I can see ortho (if needed).

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