Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Update: Still Injured

I’m not sure at this time but this might be my last entry. Not sure yet. I’m not 100% comfortable making this update either. I might have to give this up so that I don’t end up with permanent damage (if I haven’t already done so). On 6/15/16, I reinjured myself doing the chest supported rows. Maybe worse than before. I had hoped it was just soreness but it was still strong two days later when I tried working out again. It hurt to lie down and I about threw up in my mouth from the pain trying setup with 20lbs dumbbells for tate presses. I stopped doing all training again in hopes that it would ease up. As I knew this was going to take longer now, I stopped taking all supplements and dropped my meals from six to three. I had a lot of stress by 6/25/16 and I was in a bad mental state. The whole time from accepting that I was reinjured on 6/17/16 to that time was a mental funk but I feel I pulled myself out of it. I noticed my hamstring on my left side just kept twitching. I started to feel better but the pain came back in full force on 7/2/16 and it got worse on 7/3/16. Walking half a block to my folk’s house was too much and I was in pain sitting in a hard chair and had to lay down to keep my back and hips from burning. The pain was in both hips and sides of my lower back now. Both hamstrings and my left calf muscle were twitching now. So the next day, I was back at the OIP injury clinic and I’ve been given more Prednisone and muscle relaxers (same thing as last time (5/29/16)) and they are going to try and get an MRI approved. So this is the situation thus far:

Injured 5/12/16
OIP visit 5/29/16 (given Prednisone)
Workouts started 6/11/16
OIP follow up visit 6/14/16
Reinjured 6/16/16
OIP visit 7/4/16 (given Prednisone)
MRI ???

The doctor isn’t sure what is wrong as I have full range of motion at the hips and none of the stretches she did duplicated the pain. She doesn’t think it is a disc bulge but can’t rule it out. There is definitely nerve irritation with the spasms but not sure what is causing it. I’m at least glad that the medications have helped a little bit take the edge off the pain. I’ve come to the realization that the 2016 strongman season is done for me. This is disappointing for so many reasons. So no nationals this year. As previously stated, I’m not sure on if I will attempt to come back to competing or even if I will return to strength training. It is embarrassing to be around people when I’m in this much pain when all I can do is sit. Having family members do my chores for me. It really bothered me that I couldn’t pick up or hold my 15 month old nephew when he came to visit over the weekend. I should have plenty of time to think about it so more as I have no plans to even try any training again until August.

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