Thursday, June 16, 2016

June 15, 2016 – Week 1, Day 5

Dynamic Warm-ups

Super Set: Push-ups /Chain Flyes

Incline Dumbbell Bench Presses (4-1-4 Tempo)

Chest Supported Rows (Cluster Sets)

Cable Rows (Add Set Hell)

Super Set: One Arm Band Pushdowns/EZ Curl Bar Reverse Curls

37 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: Last one for this week of training. Normally four days of lifting but this program is asking for three days of upper body training and it didn’t make sense to just do one lower body day. I had thought the first day of the program was high reps. I was mistaken. Day started with a super set of max push-ups and chain flyes. Never done flyes with chains before. I felt like I could do all my chains for reps even after max push-ups. Got good amount of push-ups the first set without stopping. Chain flyes were a lot tougher than I would have liked. Goal had been 12-15 reps and it was tough to get 12 on all sets. Then incline dumbbell presses with tempo guides. Normally, I just lift as fast as I can with pauses and accentuated eccentrics. This was a concentric lift to a four count, squeeze at the top for static contraction for a second and then eccentric to a four count. I dropped the weight a lot as I’m a fast incline presser to get through my sticking points. These were terrible and the sets just took forever. On to cluster sets with the chest supported rows. I just kept adding plates until it felt somewhat tough. I thought this was something I used to do for 12 straight reps in the past but I was wrong. I might have overdone it here as the violent pulling caused me to flex my lower back a fair amount with this kind of weight. They felt good for my upper back though. Of all things I’ve done to bother it haha. The next exercise was a slog through row rep city. Start at the top of the stack (I felt like dingus doing 10lbs) and do eight reps and then add 20lbs and keep going until I either reach the bottom (250lbs) or I can’t get 8 reps. Only rest was the time it took me to get up and move the pin down. This took some time and I had to go through this drill three times. 264 total reps of seated rows. Then to end the session was another super set. One arm band push downs with reverse curls. Do set of triceps to failure and then a set of eight on the reverse curls. Keep going until 100 reps done on the triceps. I think that originally it was to be two arm band push downs with a band in each arm but I did them one at a time so that I would end up doing more sets of reverse curls. Not bad other than my injury acting up. Rest, ice and ibuprofen to calm things down. Two days of rest before I do this all over again.

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