Monday, June 13, 2016

June 12, 2016 – Week 1, Day 2

Dynamic Warm-ups

Sled Drags

X-Band Walks

Hatfield Overload Squats

Side Lying Clam Shells

5” Elevated Bulgarian Split Squats

Super Set: Lying Leg Curls/Leg Extensions

37 Minutes of Stretching

Comments: I wasn’t 100% sure about what I was going to do this day. I got the upper body stuff figured out. Maybe I was struggling to think as I was not just thinking of just the one workout but the next 16 workouts. I wanted to do something with my equipment in the garage as the spider webs that have been built in the hiatus from lifting are mocking me. I was torn between just doing the exercises from the booklet I got at the orthopedic doctor and just going for a walk or to do some actual training. I ended up going for a walk. It was fairly late in the afternoon when I finally decided to put a workout together. I just knew of what worked when I was injured the last time. Sled drags, light front squats, single leg exercises, leg extensions and leg curls. Started things off with sled drags. A bit of a hassle to get the weights out. Just kept adding weight. It felt good, probably a bit light at the start but good work by the end. I tried to do a walking lunge exercise with the prowler but it was a bust. So on to the Y for more stuff. The squat rack was in use so I did some band exercises to get my hips and glutes firing and some fatigue. I was cautious about the Hatfield squats but I figured they would be kind to my back. Better than expected and no pain in my back. Hips on the left side were a bit achy but only on the walkout and after the set was done. I’m very happy with how much weight I was able to use. Lower back got a good stretch and blood flow. Then more band work for the hips and glutes. Little bit of a cramp on that first set but felt good. I didn’t feel like doing step-ups so I tried so increased range of motion single leg work. Might have been a bit much as the range of motion was more the issue than the weight. To finish up the day, super set of leg curls and leg extensions. I was thinking of doing more weight than I ended up doing but it felt really heavy and my legs were all twitchy. Felt good and got a lot of stretching in. Late night for sure. It seems like I won’t have to worry about my legs being weak and unprepared when I get back to the real stuff.

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